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Agency Application

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There has never been a better time to enter the Telecom industry – the business model, the range of products and services and the demand in the market place for a competitor to Telkom means that the opportunities to build a very successful and profitable business as an O-Tel Business Partner are tremendous.

Service of telecoms in South Africa is rated as one of the worst in the world. High prices on rental and call rates makes communications a very expensive, but necessary expense. From the days of when telecoms was handled by the Post Office, the former Post and Telecommunications ministry handed over the reins to newly established Parastatal Telkom. Telkom was mandated to establish a communications infrastructure, supply and service South Africa with telephony and later Internet Broadband.


“Enterprise VoIP Revenues to Grow to $1.86B by Yearend
Enterprise VoIP revenues hit approximately $1.34 billion in 2008, are projected to rise to $1.86 billion at the end of this year, according to new research published in June 2009 by Pike Fischer. Over the past 12 months the market for enterprise-class VoIP has grown at a 29 percent compound.”
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O-Tel empowers new and existing Service Providers to dramatically increase their net-worth!

Do you have these advantages?

  • Over 5 years experience in the telecom industry
  • A former Telkom/Telecom employee, PBX/ LCR Expert, IP Networking Solution Provider
  • Passion for enterprise and problem solving
  • Superior understanding of end-user requirements
  • Superior physical and emotional connection to the end-user
  • Super customer service

Do you have these challenges?

  • Limited Resources
  • Battling Competition
  • Growing ARPU
  • Supporting 3rd party LCR Services running on your customer network without (or little) compensation

How O-Tel’s Digital network can help

  • Provide a complete solution
  • Empower you to bundle services and market new applications
  • Collaborate with you to design optimal deployment and business plans
  • Teach you deployment and operational know-how
How we differ
Low CapEx Low OpEx Deployment Expertise Network Control Service Control
DIY x x X
Reseller x x
Multi-Vendor x X
O-Tel x x x x X

Why partner with us?

The highest return for the lowest risk in the industry

  • Dedicated focus on your market
  • The ability to adapt our pricing to your business model
  • Technology that provides the best flexibility
  • Industry recognized expertise
  • Speed and agility of deployment Below we have highlighted eight of the main benefits of being an O-Tel Business Partner which should help you answer the above question.
  • (1) VoIP is fast becoming a major technology in the Telecom industry.
    With worldwide uptake in Digital telephony, the growth in South Africa, USA, and European countries is phenomenal.
  • (2) High Income Potential servicing your clients.
    As an O-Tel Business Partner you will have the opportunity to earn a high income with the training, support and experience of an established business behind you.
    Demand for an alternative telecom supplier is high. As an O-Tel Business Partner you would be able to supply any home or company in the market place at very competitive prices with access to low call rates, and digital telephony hardware.
  • (3) Low Overheads
    Each business partner is designed to operate from your current infrastructure. Your current sales team can be trained to sell the lines, and current technicians can increase their knowledge by learning how to deploy.
  • (4) Recurring Income
    One of the great benefits of this partnership is recurring income. Excellent customer loyalty means many clients continue with their telecom service with O-Tel.
    This builds up a tremendous ‘residual’ income year on year – in addition to the new clients that are brought on board. Income is derived from line rental and airtime.
  • (5) Credibility and Use of Company Brand
    As part of the Partnership Agreement you get to use the O-Tel systems, processes, switches, billing, Reseller recognition, and partner logo. This gives you credibility and confidence to go out into the market place and get off to a good start. It also enhances your position in the mind of potential clients that they are dealing with an established and reputable company who is backed by a Licensed National Telecom Provider.
  • (6) Low Monthly Maintenance Fees
    O-Tel doesn’t charge any major initial costs. All of our services are rented to you at minimal costs.
    This then leaves you free to concentrate on maximizing sales. No royalties or marketing funds are payable. Partner is responsible for his own marketing strategies.
    You “pay as you grow”
  • (7) Lead Generation and Marketing Assistance
    O-Tel has a Public Relations and Marketing strategy to increase brand awareness.  O-Tel also has a web based query system, which enables Master Agents to log in and view sales leads.
  • (8) O-Tel leads in technology
    O-Tel has advanced technology, second to none. Our Virtual Leased Line offerings, Wireless networking, and other infrastructure puts us in the lead.

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