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Agent Newsletter-Dec 2009-Part 1

Posted on Dec 17 in Agent, O-TELby Press OfficerPrint

2009 in Short

We’re at the end of 2009, what a year! So much has happened and we keep moving forth. Highlights of 2009 include the

  • official launch of O-Tel’s SIP01 server,
  • the release of the O-Box,
  • upgraded version of the IP-PBX,
  • launch of the Super Server SIP05,
  • Promotion of Agents to Super Agents
  • Establishment of Master Agents and promotion of Super Agents to it
  • Virtual Lease Line Technology, testing and LIVE
  • Virtual Leased Line 2, Line Bonding Technology for Voice and Data, testing phase
  • Changing the core of SIP01 to a Hosted PBX environment
  • Push-To-Talk testing and Beta Phase Launch
  • Advanced discussion in establish a wireless Last Mile Connectivity nationwide
  • Public Relations of O-Tel on nationwide print, TV and Radio
  • Moving into the O-Tel Building
  • Establishment of the nationwide Agent network
  • O-Tel now has the following countries designing and implementing it’s infrastructure
    England, Ireland, Romania, Russia, India, USA and South Africa.
  • O-Tel has strengthened ties with Dimension Data, Telkom, I-Burst, Vodafone/Vodacom
  • O-Tel has moved from a human based company to a semi-automated one. The Agent can practically do everything on his own without the interaction of O-Tel. Only Airtime and bandwidth is purchased manually, to which will soon be automated as well.

As you can see, O-Tel tirelessly ensure that we keep ahead of the pack. Many more technologies are coming up in 2010. I firmly believe that 2010 IS the year for Digital Telephony. The growth we will experience in 2010 is going to be phenomenal. We’re already in the bandwagon, in fact, seeing what technologies available to O-Tel, our aim is to lead the industry in 2010. We already have hundreds of lines on SIP05, all within a few months!

My strong Suggestion is to push sales of lines in 2010. Once the interconnect rates drop, we’ll be even busier…so get ready!!!!!

Competition in 2010 will increase. Other telecom companies will be lowering prices, offering ridiculous deals to sign on a client. The bargain hunters are short term deals.

O-Tel’s aim is to have quality clientele, not quantity. We will continue to release products and services targeting clients who are not looking at only price, but mainly Value-For-Money. O-Tel will offers such products and services, unmatched in the industry.

Other networks will come to your clients with lower prices, but read the fine print, there is always fine print and most times ‘a catch’. Most networks face the same problem we face, Last Mile Connectivy..

2010, Year of Man Living on the Moon

Actually 30 years ago, the world thought so…although the world has shrunk with the advnt of the internet and digital technology, no, we’re not yet living on the moon. However, we’re not discounting the fact that you could make so much money with O-Tel in 2010 with Digital Telephony, that your dreams could be realized sooner. Yes, I firmly believe that 2010 is the year for Digital Telephony. Those with the head-start in 2009, good. If you push hard enough in 2010, by January 2011, your business would surely be on a different level. Hopefully we will have more stable LMC too.

With our products, we are well ahead of the pack. We WILL be achieving great heights in 2010, with all agents working together, and co-networking, we CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! I’m sounding like Obama now…!

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