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Agent Newsletter-Dec 2009-Part 2

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CORE Server

With the expected growth in 2010, and after my visit to other carriers in Europe whom are using the same servers as O-Tel, I have learnt much on how to optimize the capacity. One carrier is currently running over 20 servers, each maxed at 10 000 extensions. O-Tel server capacity is currently at 16%. So we have a LONG way to go before reaching their stage. However, this was an ideal opportunity to learn what hurdles they have faced whilst growing and how to alleviate potential problems.

From this I gathered that how we have our servers setup is correct. SIP05 should not have any Hosted PBX facilities, such as IVR, Voicemail, etc. It should be purely setup as Nodes, being the gateways/IP PBXs. So please note that in January, all added features on SIP05 will be disabled. Any Hosted PBX functions and services, the client will need to go onto the SIP01 Platform.


O-Tel has spent the past three years researching a method to lower mobile telecommunications costs. O-Tel went as far as developing in partnership with a French company a mobile phone to work on the O-Tel network. However, we had decided to partner up with Vodafone/Vodacom, South Africa’s largest mobile telecom company, and unfortunately their networks is just not powerful enough to handle the technology O-Tel had available. Working with the current coverage technology at hand, O-Tel heavily modified its software and modules to release a PTT based system.

With PTT being very popular in other parts of the world, it has been subdued in SA due to the potential loss of income in the mobile market. Meanwhile it is a VERY POWERFUL TOOL.

Read on our website for more info on PTT. The official release is due for February 2010. We currently have a testing phase on. You may visit to register.

Paid Support

O-Tel will be introducing a paid support service soon. Most support requests are repeated. Same problem, various clients.  I have to go through the whole scenario once again telephonically, which is frustrating, particularly if just a couple of days ago, the similar problem was discussed. The responsibility is on the agent to go through the basics of trouble shooting first prior logging in a call.

With the new system your queries will be submitted via e-mail, and your urgent queries by e-mail. Paid for queries will take priority in reply. There will be a fair usage clause in the submissions of support tickets.

Consultation, charging plan queries, account checkup and fixup etc will all be chargeable.


O-Boxes still proves to be the most convenient, stable gateway product for O-Tel. HSN has them in stock on promotion at R1399.


O-Tel does not offer credit payment terms whatsoever. No matter the size of the company, agent or volume. O-Tel pays in CASH to other carriers for services rendered.

Rentals, bandwidth, airtime, all are paid IN ADVANCE. So for February, the invoice is payable on the 31st January.

We have semi-automated our billing system. You may login to your own account and retrieve your account information, invoices etc. We have also linked the system to the Agent Portal access. Invoices are sent 7 days prior due date, hence giving you sufficient time to process payments. If you pay on the last day of the month, the system allows for 3 working days for us to manually enter the received payment. Although we do have an account with each SA major bank, so please pay in the corresponding account. If no payment is entered within 3 days of the month, THE ACCESS TO THE PORTAL WILL BE DE-ACTIVATED! It can only be re-activated after the payment shows. Please note that this will be fully automated by June 2010.


O-Tel will be offering training on the new products such as VLL, PTT etc. This will be given in 2 event dates at no charge, thereafter it will be chargeable. Any support calls/tickets from agents whom did not attend the training will be charged for.

Kindly note that any support request might be chargeable at R350 minimum, thereafter R300 per hour. This is also during business hours. Last Mile Connectivity issues cannot be helped by O-Tel. More of fault finding and reporting in another section of this newsletter.

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