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Agent Newsletter-Dec 2009-Part 3

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O-Tel Services

O-Tel has various service offerings, and more to come.

Currently these are the services we have on offer:

VOICE Service-

Our most popular service. O-Tel provides Interconnection between carriers. Using the current infrastructure of telecom specialists, O-Tel is fast growing by signing on SME’s and Corporates onto their network. With an average of a 41% saving compared to a typical Telkom bill, the O-Tel agents are kept busy signing on clients on a daily basis.

Agents purchase lines and call rates at a wholesale/discounted price from O-Tel and resell them by customizing billing plans and product offerings ensuring that the end user obtains the best deal. This offering to agents is unequalled in the industry. O-Tel leads the way in an innovative, yet effective market penetration strategy. Agents pay as little as R400 for a pack of 10 lines. Larger agents have better deals such as R3500pm for 200 lines, which equates to a mere R17.50 per line. Note that a number block of 50 numbers is rented at R250pm.
DATA Service-
To facilitate the voice bandwidth connection, O-Tel once again provides a powerful solution to the agents. Offering the bandwidth only to be used for voice at a reduced bandwidth rates. In 2010, O-Tel plans to release Virtual ISP service to its agents. Agents will be able to resell bandwidth, whether for data or voice. Bandwidth is the new popular commodity in the world today. Current pricing on 1gb bandwidth for O-Tel only access is sold at R15/gb.

Virtual Leased Line-Voice:

Due to South Africa’s poor infrastructure offering in Last Mile Connectivity, Digital Telephony becomes a difficult service to maintain. The best form of broadband in terms of speed, reliability and price is currently Telkom’s ADSL. However Telkom’s ‘Best Effort’ policy in their ADSL offerings is no consolation. O-Tel has partnered up with a UK company to assist us in the difficulties we face in using Telkom’s ADSL service. UK is about 6 years ahead of South Africa as far as Digital Telephony is concerned.

What VLL does is it creates a tunnel between the client and O-Tel Servers over the DSL network. This tunnel controls the voice data as it flows to the server. VLL improves quality and concurrency on a line.

384k/128k=10 concurrencies

512k/256k=20 concurrencies

1mb/512k=40 concurrencies

VLL is NOT a dedicated tunnel. The data still breaks out through the internet. Although it definitely does make a difference in the data throughput, the state of the ADSL DSLAM and contention ratio (ideally 50:1). VLL connectivity requires a modified Netgear router, which can handle upto 30 concurrent calls.  VLL is sold in 10 line packs of R500, which means R50 per VLL line.

Virtual Leased Line 2- Voice

With agents signing on larger clients with 8 concurrencies upwards, some of Telkom’s ADSL lines is just not sufficient to handle these higher concurrencies (depending on DSLAM and Contention). Therefore O-Tel introduces VLL2. Like VLL, VLL2 also creates a tunnel. However, VLL2 combines multiple broadband connections to create higher speed, redundancy, and automatic failover. It’s a winner. Line rentals on VLL2 is same as VLL, however, the router is another model. A unique VLL2 router is needed, costing Approx R7500. O-Tel is currently developing a more affordable unit. This will however be available only at around June 2010.

Virtual Leased Line 2- Data

Like the VLL2 for voice, now the client can create a data tunnel for high speed internet connection. On clients end, he purchases/leases a VLL2 router and signs an annual contract for bandwidth. Currently, agent cost is estimated at R60/GB for speeds upto 16MBps DOWNLOAD and 2MBps UPLOAD. ADSL line charges are for clients account. More info on this service to be released in February 2010.


The eagerly anticipated product which achieved an early release. It was forecasted to be released only in 2010.

We have a test facility currently open until end of January. The official release will be in January 2010.

Please keep in mind that there are VARIOUS PTT technologies. O-Tel Technology is proprietary. Our PTT is NOT SAME as Nokia’s or Motorola’s. Our software currently only work with Microsoft as we are developer partners with them. Nokia’s Symbian is not very co-operative with us in developing the PTT software.

PTT Packages:

Agent Pricing (ex Vat) Recommended retail prices (ex Vat)
Users User Bundle Users Bundle User
1 to 10

R 75.00

R 750.00

1 to 10

R 1 499.00

11 to 25

R 65.00

R 1 625.00

11 to 25

R 3 299.00

26 to 50

R 55.00

R 2 750.00

26 to 50

R 5 799.00

51 to 100

R 45.00

R 4 500.00

51 to 100

R 9 999.00

101 to 200

R 35.00

R 7 000.00

101 to 200

R 17 999.00

201 to 500

R 25.00

R 12 500.00

201 to 500

R 24 999.00

501+ POA 501+ POA

You will notice that the per user fee goes lower on qty. For wholesale purchase, try the 100users or more.

You may create a network for each client, or have one public network with different groups.

I would suggest you resell them as groups. Eg: 10 users, 25 users, 50 users, 100users. All separate pricing at a monthly fee. There are various Windows Mobile phones available, although we’re in talks with a Mobile Phone company to supply us with a low cost model. E-mail me for any support you may require.

Call centre- Onsite

Agents seem to overlook the advantages of having a call centre in their books. The installation and initial setup service is very profitable.

Most call centres requires their calls to be recorded. O-Tel can provide a full Call Centre Server which handles Call Center requirements.

Solution begin from a 10 seat licences.

The hardware the agent needs to provide is a standard Dual Core with 1Gb RAM and 500Gb HDD machine in a rack-mountable case. No Windows OS is necessary. All records will be kept on the server. The cost of this is R4500 including training to the call centre administrator. The server is remotely accessible where you may view reports of who is calling, who they called, length of speaking time, hear the conversation* etc.
The agent will do the network cable setup.. It’s like setting up a normal computer network. We can consult at a fee.

  • For call recording, R5000 (for 10 users) onto the price below. This is for the licences we need to purchase.

A few options:

  • using analogue phones, Client needs to acquire the phones. The server setup will cost R4500. A 10port gateway will be required. HSN can provide an 8port + a 2port Grandstream.
    àin this option, we connect the gateways onto the server and normal RJ-11 cheap phones are used for staff. You are hardware limited to 10 analogue phones.
  • using IP phones, each IP phone costs R749 from HSN Solutions (011-826-5555, Brendan)
    àin this option, you connect a normal 16port switch onto the server. Each IP Phone (R749*10=R7490) connects to the server via the switch. You are not limited to the hardware qty of IP phones, just add more switches to increase phones. However licencing fees for more than 10seats costs more. Server setup cost is R4500.
  • if you use computers with headsets-free softphone
    àThis is how we setup small Call centers. You provide a switch to the server. Setup 1 computer with MS Windows with each seat (10 pcs in total). Connect a headset and mic to each pc. These pcs must be on a static IP network connecting its gateway to the server’s IP. We will give you a software phone which the caller can make calls. Server setup cost is R4500.
  • using computers with headsets-Full Call Centre facility
    à this system we use for 50seaters, and it costs from R25 000. Accurate pricing on application.

Call centre-Offsite
O-Tel is currently working on an off-site Call-centre solution

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