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Call Center Server

Posted on Oct 22 in O-TELby hanriPrint

A call center server is another way of using Yate. Partly comprised or including the protocol related features already mentioned, it has to be stated as a separate use although, for better understanding.
How can be Yate used as a call center server? Or more exactly what does a call center server do? Well, just think of the days when a telephone company employee used to take the calls and make the connections. Something like this and a lot more is what a call center server does. By short, it’s about call handling services.
A call center server redirects callers to the resources that are best equipped to satisfy their needs like a receptionist who transfers your call to some specific department inside an institution. Inside a typical call center server this routing can be done automatically based on various combinations defined using callers’ profiles or other information.
Besides this call processing following predefined rules a call center server can register and analyze the incoming and outgoing calls using the information in various purposes.

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