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Call Recording Services

Posted on Oct 22 in Call Recording Service, O-TELby hanriPrint

Our Hosted phone call recording service is perfect for companies that do not wish to invest in expensive hardware, maintenance, and support that goes along with a state of the arttelephone call recording system.

The concept behind General Order 107-B is that telephone calls cannot be recorded in California unless all parties to the call know it is being recorded.

The Order states the specifics of what must be done in order to lawfully record telephone calls. Based on the 1983 version, one way to meet the requirements may be to give a verbal warning. This often occurs by the playing of a recording in an automatic call distribution queue: “Your call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance purposes.”

Another method allowed to warn all callers a call is being recorded is the presence of a recorder warning tone: a 1,440 Hz tone repeating every fifteen seconds. In the 1960s, radio stations with call-in programs used to employ a recorder warning tone.

The Order requires that telephone utilities disconnect telephone service for violations of this Order.

It’s unclear if case law, the California Public Utilities Code, or changes to the Order allow other the recording of telephone calls under other circumstances. It appears that many 9-1-1 call centers violate the 1983 version of the order every day.

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