Agent Overview

O-Tel firmly puts you into the driving seat of a vehicle taking you to your target destination within the telecommunication field. As an established telecom provider and licence holder, O-Tel can offer you, the agent, product offerings which not only allows you to make the once off installation/supply profits, but continuous profit for as long as...

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Make the decision

O-Tel makes VOIP  a SNAP O-Tel empowers new and existing Service Providers to dramatically increase their net-worth! Do you have these advantages? Passion for enterprise and problem solving Superior understanding of end-user requirements Superior physical and emotional connection to the end-user Super customer service Do you have these challenges? Limited Resources Battling Competition Growing ARPU Supporting 3rd party...

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Posted on Aug 24

Why partner with O-Tel?

Below we have highlighted nine of the main benefits of being an O-Tel Business Partner which should help you answer the above question. (1) VoIP is fast becoming a major technology in the Telecom industry. With worldwide uptake in Digital telephony, the growth in USA, and European countries is phenomenal. (2) High Income Potential servicing your dedicated...

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Partnership Overview

There has never been a better time to enter the Telecom industry – the business model, the range of products and services and the demand in the market place for a competitor to Telkom means that the opportunities to build a very successful and profitable business as an O-Tel Business Partner are tremendous. Service of telecoms...

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Posted on Jan 08

Partner with O-Tel

Becoming an O-Tel agent is not only partnering with the best, but provides your business with a dynamic new serive to offer your customers. By bringing your customers onto the O-Tel service you are ensuring them as customers for life, due not only to the great benefits O-Tel offer but also the unique O-Tel agent program....

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