Different Ways of Connecting VoIP Systems

October 5, 2020

VoIP systems are generally available either as ATA, IP phone or cloud based VoIP systems which are commonly referred to as hosted PBX systems. There are various service providers who are available in the regions of South Africa. It is not a surprise to figure out the fact that South Africa indeed has a pool of internet service providers. This is because of the fact that it is referred to as one of the technologically rich countries. This is the main reason as of why South Africa has been the hot spot for various business collaborations. In fact, the residential users also enjoy the facility of high quality internet services by means of fibre internet service and LTE connections.

Three Ways of Connecting VoIP

There are three different ways of connecting VoIP phone systems to other devices.

Computer to Computer

This is a very straight forward mechanism where a PC is connected with another PC for sharing information. By means of this, the data sharing has become easier than ever. Communications through mail and Skype can be easily accomplished by this. However you require a proper internet connection to utilize the fullest of VoIP systems.

Phone to Phone

This is similar to that of the traditional PSTN systems but the quality of audio communication and service has been increased.

Computer to Phone

This hybrid approach works well in organizations employing huge number of communication channel. Also, the cost incurred is also heavy when comparing above two.

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