O-Tel’s Reseller Program was designed for:

O-Tel offers a great opportunity to get into the telecommunications industry with minimal investment and no future commitment. Resellers can offer all VoIP has to offer with O-Tel and quickly establish yourself in a highly competitive marketplace.

O-Tel offers you the following benefits:

  • On-line management of your VoIP business with our award winning Reseller Admin Panel (RAP)
  • Easy to get started model which includes Free Internet callingPay as you go calling andMonthly plans
  • BIG discounts on Long Distance ratesIP devices, softphones and more.
  • We are a world-class, Best of Breed provider with Best Quality routing and all of the VoIP features.
  • Allow your subscribers to manage their accounts via your web site (when our ABS option is chosen).
  • Private-branded VoIP Solutions including optional softphone and Web integration.

Call Centers
O-Tel offers call centers the tools they need to bill their clients in real time with a pre-calculated mark up.  In addition, our superior call quality and discounted calling rates make moving your call shops to O-Tel an easy decision.  Our system will work with your existing SIP devices like ASTERISK, Cisco and Grandstream as well as Quintum and more.  If you like, our certified devices are easy to install and inexpensive.

Using O-Tel offers the following advantages for call centers:

  • LOW call rates worldwide
  • High quality calls
  • Real-time billing and management tools
  • Sell phone cards, PC to Phone, pay per call and more
  • Private-branded VoIP Solutions

Our services are easy to set up and use and your accounts can be managed through our award winning Reseller Admin Panel (RAP).

Internet Cafes
O-Tel offers a great opportunity for Internet Cafes to offer voice services to their customers at very low prices. O-Tel offers software or hardware solutions to Internet Cafes which can be branded to fit in with your existing look and feel.

O-Tel offers the following advantages to Internet Cafes:

  • BIG discounts so you can offer LOW rates
  • Crystal-clear quality calls
  • Online billing/account management
  • BIG discounts on rates and IP devices
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Private-branded VoIP Solutions

By becoming a reseller of O-Tel and offering low-cost calls to your customers you can differentiate your cafe from your competitors!

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
O-Tel Private Label Service are perfect for Internet Service Providers, web hosting providers and other Internet businesses.  Immediately add new revenue streams with the program that is designed and managed per your specifications. Offering VoIP services to your customer base is easy and can immediately add value to your existing services using while using minimal bandwidth and resources.

O-Tel offers the following service opportunities for ISP’s:

  • A complete carrier grade Internet Telephony solution implemented to fit your needs
  • Private branded solution
  • Offer the services before others in your market with a proven leader and reasonable cost structure
  • Offer your customers Grandstream Phone Adaptors and more or find your own source for equipment, with our network the choice is yours.

We make the planning and implementation a breeze so you are up and running fast
Complete end to end solutions available, please contact [email protected] for more information.

O-Tel’s Reseller Program is the choice of quality minded resellers who understand that the reputation relies on the service they sell!  Contact us to learn more about the discounts and options.

Offer your clients cutting edge calling services such as:

  • Free Internet Calling
  • Pay-as-you-go Calling
  • Unlimited plans and more
  • DID Incoming Number Availability
  • Re-brand our service to hide our identity and cooperation without large investment.
  • We give you your own branded SIP Proxy for use in device configuration.
  • Sell in your own currency and automatically mark-up our prices.
  • Access to a complete portfolio of VoIP services.

How do we move forward and join the O-Tel Team?
If you haven’t already, go to our Services Order Cart and select your package of choice.