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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Who are we?

We are a Licensed National Telecom Service Provider. We can provide telephone lines(SIP Accounts), and Hosted PBX services to the SME, Corporate and Government market. We partner up with Telecom Service Providers such as PBX installers and IT companies to on-sell our services to their clients. With the incumbents offering below par service, O-Tel services is the obvious choice.

  1. What makes us successful?

We take a page out of the current SA Telecom Providers ‘Mistake book’. We also fill the gaps where service is lacking. We listen to consumers and try to provide them with the service they yearn. We provide them a face-to-face, customized service.

3.         How do we succeed with this?

By you representing us as an agent. You have been in business for years. You already have a client base. Your foot is already in the door. Your customer trust your decision as you already have a relationship. If you plan to save your customer money, he will surely be overjoyed. In the interim, you also make money

4.         How do you make money?

The good old fashioned way of buying low and selling high. Good stable profit. You simply buy the services from a provider at wholesale prices and you resell. Simple business.

You keep your customers happy, they will have no reason to move to another Service Provider, and you continue servicing them and make profit!

We are a Licensed National Telecom Operator. We have spent many years and much money establishing a network, servers, service level agreements, large voice interconnect agreements with the carriers, Public Relations, marketing, and much more. You have access to all these value added services purchased at wholesale prices. You rent infrastructure as you grow! All you need to do is focus on your sales and service to your clients. The rest, we will do.

5.         What revenue streams do we offer you?

O-Tel offers 4 revenue streams.

1. The first being profit from Hardware Sales and Installation. O-Tel’s digital network will require specialized equipment in order for your customers to connect their current analog telephony system to work with the new digital network.

2. Our voice service consists of two revenue streams.

Secondly, it is of Line Rental. Agents rent monthly a block of lines from O-Tel at a fixed price and resell it. The biggest advantage is that if you client wishes for further telephone lines, it will take you less than 10mins to upgrade his line, compared to other providers who take few weeks!

3. The third revenue stream is of Airtime. You client saves between 25% and 40% of their phone bill. Your margin on airtime is between 17% and 22%. It averages out at 20%. See our case studies for potential passive earning.

4. 1Cloud Hosted PBX Facility. Instead of your client purchasing and tying himself down to a 5 year rental agreement costing thousands of rands, provide him with the latest and updated PBX! Long Term recurring income.

6.         Why should you partner with O-Tel?

O-Tel is the ONLY telecom provider who will offer you the opportunity to increase your company’s net-worth.

You are merely a sales rep for your current service provider. You utilize your resources, from telephone call cost, time, fuel costs, quotations, staff, after sales support etc to conclude a deal, then you give the client away by subscribing him to the Operator. The Operator does not give you a cent from the referral. If you sign them up on GSM contracts, you get a SMALL commission from what profits the carrier makes.

You are letting your hard earned client sign up with a 3rd party service provider. He is YOUR customer; you should keep him very closely in your books. Provide him with a comprehensive service. In the long term, you are retaining your clients, your customer base will grow, and so will the profitability and net worth of your company.

7.         What power do you have over your client?

You are given full access to run a telecom company. You will be able to add clients, remove them, suspend their overdue account, bill them, add extensions, add facilities such as voice mail, IVR, itemized billing, create your own wireless network and control it, and much more!… The system is fully automated. All at a monthly rental cost!

8.         How do you start?

We make business easy.

Simply sign up here and you’re ready to go in less than 5 minutes

9.         From then on?

Once you’ve signed up, an e-mail will be sent to you with your login details to your very own O-Tel VoIP portal. We will provide full training to your staff on how to approach clients and how to connect clients up to O-Tel!

We are always available for advice.

Then start making money! Quick, easy, simple….!

O-Tel,your Licensed National Telecom Service Operator

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