Q.What setup fees are there to get access to Voice services for 10 lines (to start off with)?
A.We offer various packages (from as low as R100pm) to begin with in order to fit your budget. You can see them here

Q.Monthly fees?
A.You would pay per SIP Account. The more clients you have, the more SIP Accounts you need. “Pay-as-you-Grow”.

Q.Are any equipment installed on our network, or can we subscribe customers that are connecting through ADSL as well?
A. For wireless connection, you only need to back-haul your voice packets to  our Central Tower in Dawnview Hill (Edenvale). Co-Ordinates will be given once you sign up. For ADSL connection, we will provide you with an IPC account, where you can connect up all your clients with dedicated ADSL for VOIP onto. No bandwidth is charged for. Voice over IPC ADSL is also much better than non-IPC.

Q. Linking our wireless MPLS network to Otel; where are your POPs located and are there any fees involved?
A. Our Central POP is in Dawnview Hill (Edenvale). Connection is charged per 1mbps of Voice Data. If you are out of JHB, we will provide you with an ADSL IPC login details so you may backhaul your voice data via load balanced ADSL lines. We will not charge for bandwidth.

Q.Our network are build with a combination of Mikrotik and Ubiquity devices. Do you have any special requirements from Premium Partners?
A. No problem, our network infrastructure is compatible with the above mentioned brands.

Q.Are there any formal arrangement with Otel Premium Partners for selling services to customers residing on another Partner’s network? If we have a customer outside our coverage area, we would either like to rent capacity/connectivity from another Partner and put our own VoIP on it, or install our own network coverage if they are being unreasonable to provide service to a customer.
A. Yes, we have inter-partner relationships. Such as partner might sign up the Head Office of a company in Cape Town, and speak to other O-Tel partner to connect up the client in JHB, PE, Bloem etc. The originating agent will pay for the connectivity at wholesale prices to the area agent. Originating agent will also bill his nationwide clients for the internet and voice.

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