Ohren Telecom, also known as O-Tel, is a national telecom operator with a long history.

Previously part of leading IT Distributor, World Computer Systems, the company began experimenting with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) far back in 1995 when ICQ was the leading chat program, Hotmail was not owned by Microsoft, Netscape was the leading internet browser, Skype was not born as yet, and usage of VOIP was illegal in South Africa alongside most countries in the world.

Working with scarcely available proprietary VOIP hardware at the time, which were the single channel IP PCI Cards, high latency service, and running voice data over Dual ISDN lines (ADSL was not released in SA as yet), the project began with proprietary voice codec. The experiment continued with the advent of H.323 standard in 1996. It was difficult to establish a service in South Africa as the old Department of Communications announced VOIP as being illegal to use over Telkom lines. This bill was abolished in the new millennium. It opened big doors for Digital Telephony.

SIP technology was released in 1999. In 2001 World Computer Systems (WCS) was one of the initial users of a Mitel IP PBX running on SIP in South Africa. Despite great difficulty upon installation at the time, the system still runs well until today.

Upon the takeover of WCS in 2005 by BEE group Dial Matrix, the telecom division moved on to establish its own identity into the telecommunication world.

Three years into obscurity, but continued experiments, Ohren Telecom (O-Tel) was formed using the financial backbone of ILLUDER.com, the former security/CCTV division of WCS and leading Security Distributor in Southern Africa.

After the decision in late 2008 to allow VANS to install public networks, O-Tel officially obtained it’s ECNS licence in January 2009.

March 2009 seen O-Tel break away from the ILLUDER.com group to sail towards the land of opportunity.

O-Tel has established it’s own offices in Boksburg, and have signed agents nationwide through it’s agent model. All of whom are top peformers in their field.

Today, O-Tel has firmly planted its roots in the industry. O-Tel owns the latest switches, updated SIP servers, and holders of the much valued ECS and ECNS telecom licence in South Africa. Partnering with the network services of Telecom mogul Vodacom/Vodafone and stalwarts Telkom, O-Tel covers 95% of South Africa and can provide voice and data services at very competitive pricing. During early 2010, O-Tel began deploying its own Last Mile Wireless Connectivity nationwide. A challenging task since back-haul costs within South Africa are exorbitant.

Due to its massive growth, O-Tel has changed it’s core focus in late 2010 to service bona-fide PBX Service Providers, LCR Specialists, IT Companies, and Network Service providers with infrastructure and facilities to deploy Digital Telephony Lines on a rental basis at wholesale prices. The system is fully automated, simple and available 24/7/365. Partnering up with major hardware and service providers to handle it’s daily activities, O-Tel is now a company maintained 24/7 by a vast team of professionals from countries such as South Africa, USA, England, India, Greece, and some countries in Eastern Europe. This team ensures O-Tel’s lead in the industry is kept by working on advancements during all time zones.

The future looks very bright for O-Tel. Gaining market share fast, new innovative products and packages in the horizon, and large media coverage winning the support of the South African Public, O-Tel is well on its way to become a market leader sooner rather than later.

O-Tel can provide a full telecom solution for the home, business and public via it’s network of agents and resellers. You will always deal face to face with a business owner or senior manager.

We are Your National Telecom Operator of Choice.

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