Is internet speed really a big deal?

April 4, 2020

Internet speed, is it really a big deal? Many people talk about getting the fastest internet available like a 100Mbps, 200Mbps fibre to the home(ftth) solution but what is it you are really paying for. Too often internet service providers will throw in everything including the kitchen sink to get your business.  More recently we have seen the fight for fibre to the home heat up with many service provider gearing up to one up the next guy by offering deals to be cheaper than the next guy but are they offering you as the client real value is the big question.

So clients tend to ask questions like, “did you see that other guys price it’s better than yours?” ok we don’t really get asked that often at Otel as our pricing is amongst the most competitive in the industry due to our agreements with all the biggest fibre infrastructure providers in South Africa, but we do like answering that question as we know we offer a quality fibre internet solution and clients won’t be asking questions like why did I sign a 24 month contract for a 100Mbps internet line and I’m only getting 60Mbps or when I download I wonder why it’s so slow.

Far too often throwing in the kitchen sink can be a tactic to mask the fact that the service offered is not great quality due to various factors but not at Otel. We offer real value that will make clients experience a cost effective but a great one that will give our internet and voip users the confidence to remain with Otel for more than just the 12 month contract they signed with us.

To continue the trend of showing others how it’s done, Otel has decided to put together some unique bundled options to both home(ftth) and business(fttb) users that will make clients and business’s choose Otel as their first option.

Want to see a deal?

Get a uncapped and unshaped 10Mbps fibre to the home connection from only R799 per month*. Have a laptop? then add a Vodacom 1GB LTE sim for R69per month*. Need to make calls? why not add a VoIP handset and 100 minutes for R139 per month* These offers and more are available from our Otel Connect Store situated in Menlyn park shopping centre at shop LG13 as well as through Otel Business Head office situated in Centurion. So all you need to do is contact Otel today give us some basic info, choose your internet speed, contract term and see what WOW service is.

Remember that we will need to check availability and coverage but no worries if there is no fibre in your area yet we have many more cost effective solutions available that will leave you, to put it simply blown away.

Enjoy internet speed and quality with Otel and know Otel are your one stop fibre shop. For any question feel free to contact us via or or simply pop us a mail to [email protected]

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-Ian Roux

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