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Large Business

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1)      New Large business establishment

2)      Current business growing

3)      Business with analogue PBX

4)      Sales / Large Call centre (50+seats)

Required Broadband infrastructure:

1)      Telkom ADSL (4Mbps)

2)      CDSL

3)      DSL PRO

4)      DIGINET

Hardware Required:

1)      O-Box

2)      IP PBX (with FXO ports)

3)      IP Phones

4)      8 Port gateway (for Analogue PBX)

5)      Advanced  Call Center Appliance

6)      CDSL Kit

7)      DSL PRO Netgear Router

Services Required:

1)      O-Tel Line Rental

2)      Once off Installation on analogue PBX

3)      Analogue PBX Programming

4)      Call Center Appliance Programming

5)      CDSL Installation

6)      DSL Pro Installation

7)      Diginet installation

Optional Services:

1)      Inter-Branch calling

2)      Local Internet Bandwidth from O-Tel

3)      Call center via SoftPhone

4)      Maintenance contract

Number of users:

  • 50+ users
If client has analogue PBX already and looking at +/- 40% cost savings, then this solution is applicable.
Clients establishing larger franchises or business establishment without the need of PSTN lines will benefit most from this scenario.
ü  The  O-Box or an O-Tel Approved DSL Router is required for DSL connectivity.
ü  IP PBX can handle a maximum of 8 PSTN lines to be used as incoming, can serial link
ü  IP PBX can handle a maximum of 253 IP Phones and 30 Concurrent calls
ü  IP PBX connects to O-Tel server via DSL, and uses trunk for incoming and outgoing
ü  IP PBX can inter-connect to other branches voice network too via O-Tel (on-net)
ü  IVR, Voicemail, etc may be used as optional service to portray a professional company outlook. This is FREE, included in the PBX
ü  Analogue PBX’s are connected with a gateway which in turn connects to O-Tel
ü  Analogue PBX to be programmed to process all calls via trunk connected to O-Tel Gateway.
ü  Out-Bound call center may use a single SIP trunk with 100 concurrent calls for a 100+ seater.
ü  In-Bound call center on O-Tel network may handle 100+ concurrent calls
ü  In-Bound call center on Telkom Network can handle 64 PSTN concurrent calls. Gateway is serialised
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