NGN Installation Process

Client logs online at Day 01
Input all client location details. A request will be opened and emailed to you with a unique reference number Day 03
A quote will be sent if there is coverage. If accepted, completed documents must be uploaded as per instructions on the email. Once signed documentation is received, order is processed and a supplier reference number will be issued in 1 working day.

Please note that any cancellations after contract upload will be charged at 4

Circuit is issued after 10 working daysday 15
Telkom will contact channel partner a day before the installation. Confirming location of installation. When installation is completed after this phone call, you become liable for the R2995 installation cost. day 34
Once the line is installed the contract comes into play, the channel partner becomes liable for the installation 36
After the invoice is paid, the router is programmed with MPLS settings and shipped within 5 working 38
Channel partner must confirm once router has been 45
Client will be called for feedback after 3 days for service feedback.

Client will be called after 10 days for final service feedback.

After final service feedback, order is completed. day 60

We will give our clients that 10 days extension to pay the monthly fee
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to install an NGN line?

A. It takes 60 working days to have a new NGN line installed

Q: How long does it take to upgrade/downgrade an NGN line?

A. It takes 30 working days to upgrade/downgrade a line

Q: Can it take longer?

A. The above time is subject to having no problems at exchange or unusual port shortages.

Q: Up to when can the order be cancelled?

A: Telkom will call Channel Partner first to confirm address and date of installation. Once the confirmation has been made telephonically, the order cannot be cancelled.

Q: When is payment for the line installation become due?

A: All new installations are subject to payment of the installation after Telkom Installs.

Q: When will the router be shipped?

A. Router will be promptly shipped after payment for installation has been made.

Q: Who pays for the installation?

A: Our contract is with Channel Partner, not with your client. Payment from your client is not OTEL responsibility.

Q: What if the client has not paid Channel Partner yet?

A: OTEL does not need to wait for your client to pay you in order to pay OTEL. We expect prompt payment from Channel Partner.

Q: What if there is a problem on the line after installation, before handover?

A: If the installed line is not working (and installation payment has been made) we will try our level best to get it up and running ASAP (ICASA regulation stipulates 30 days).

Q: What if you cannot get a line to go Live?

A: Until now, we have not had one line which we have not managed to get up and running.

Q: Will I need to pay for service before the line is gone live?

(handed over) A: Whilst the process in getting it Live is going on, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED for the service.

Q: What if you cannot get the line to go Live and cannot hand over?

A: If by some reason we cannot get the line Live, we will provide a FULL REFUND of the installation charge paid after router is received back.

Q: What if the line goes down after Live handover ?

A: If the line goes faulty after the handover, it means there is a fault on it. A normal fault logging procedure will apply.

Q: Will the service be billed if the line goes faulty after Live handover?

A: There is no concession on the service rental. We will ensure that your faulty line is repaired promptly.

Q: I don’t understand why must I pay for installation before going Live as my client wants to pay for the line after it has gone live. We’re subscribing for one service, not two?

A: The service is split into two. Last Mile Connectivity and MPLS Service. i) Last Mile Connectivity is handled by Telkom, therefore they will install the line and the Telkom service fee is payable to OTEL immediately after install. Telkom does not offer leniency here as OTEL does not control billing. ii) The MPLS Service access belongs to OTEL. Here we have leniency as OTEL is in control of billing. OTEL will start billing from the date the line service is Live and handed over.

Q: What if the client requires an earlier install?

A: The above installation times is what is prescribed. Please communicate this clearly with your clients. OTEL will not be pressurised and held responsible by promises made by Channel Partner to its clients.

Q. Why so strict rules in installation procedures?

A: Due to the large volume of orders, we need to ensure that all clients are attended to promptly at a high level of service. Any rules we bend will cause confusion and unrealistic expectations in an already difficult industry. We would rather under-promise and over deliver.

Q. Will the link be installed quickly?

A: OTEL is constantly working in getting all links installed soonest, as it benefits OTEL as well to have them installed quickly.

Q: What are the charges?

A: Please be advised that you will be charged as follows: >100 numbers: R99 PER NUMBER + R799 admin fee PER BLOCK. >Single numbers are charged at R249 per number. e.g. if you port 101 numbers you will be charged R10798 (100# x R99 + R799 + R99)

All prices ex VAT


Q: When will a change of address request be rejected?

A change of installation address request, following a successful port, may only be rejected if the proposed installation address is outside of the geographic area associated with that number by the block operator. A rejection will result in port reversal.

Q: When might a request for porting be declined or rejected by the block operator (Telkom/Neotel)?

A port request may only be rejected for the following reasons: 1. The number(s) or number range is not valid on the donor operator’s network or the number range is not exclusively used by the entity requesting the port. 2. The number(s) or number range is excluded from porting under regulations 3 (seeking clarity on this). 3. The account number provided is not the account number used by the donor operator for the number(s) or number range for which the porting is requested. 4. Subscriber is already subject to suspension for outgoing or incoming calls because of failure to pay a bill. 5. The number(s) or number range is already subject to a porting process. 6. The number(s) or number range has already been ported in the last two months.

Q: When might a port reversal be rejected?

A port reversal can only be rejected for the following reasons: 1. The port was done in error. 2. The port was done maliciously. 3. The port was done fraudulently. 4. Other reasons as agreed upon between the recipient operator, donor operator and customer. 5. Rejection Fee 100 Per Number. 6. Please see FAQs reason for rejection.

Q: When not to apply for GNP?

A: GNP is not a good option for customers that wish to change their address and move from Telkom to O-Tel simultaneously, this is certainly an issue when the physical move is to another Telkom exchange block area. O-Tel will rather issue new geographic numbers to the customer in the case of relocation outside of the original Telkom exchange area. Please Note: GNP is an option if the physical move of premises is within the same Telkom exchange area Charges apply