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Medium Business

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1)      New Medium business establishment

2)      Current business growing

3)      Business with analogue PBX

4)      Sales / Medium Call centre (20 to 40 seats)

Required Broadband infrastructure:

1)      Telkom ADSL (4Mbps)

Hardware Required:

1)      O-Box

2)      IP PBX (with FXO ports)

3)      IP Phones

4)      8 Port gateway (for Analogue PBX)

5)      Basic Call Center Appliance

Services Required:

1)      O-Tel Line Rental

2)      Once off Installation on analogue PBX

3)      Analogue PBX Programming

4)      Call Center Appliance Programming

Optional Services:

1)      Inter-Branch calling

2)      Local Internet Bandwidth from O-Tel

3)      Call center via SoftPhone

Number of users:

  • 1 to 50 users
If client has analogue PBX already and looking at +/- 40% cost savings, then this solution is applicable.
Clients establishing larger franchises or business establishment without the need of PSTN lines will benefit most from this scenario.
ü  The  O-Box or an O-Tel Approved DSL Router is required for DSL connectivity.
ü  IP PBX can handle a maximum of 8 PSTN lines to be used as incoming
ü  IP PBX can handle a maximum of 253 IP Phones and 30 Concurrent calls
ü  IP PBX connects to O-Tel server via DSL, and uses trunk for incoming and outgoing
ü  IP PBX can inter-connect to other branches voice network too via O-Tel (on-net)
ü  IVR, Voicemail, etc may be used as optional service to portray a professional company outlook. This is FREE, included in the PBX
ü  Analogue PBX’s are connected with a gateway which in turn connects to O-Tel
ü  Analogue PBX to be programmed to process all calls via trunk connected to O-Tel Gateway.
ü  Out-Bound call center may use a single SIP trunk with 50 concurrent calls for a 50 seater.
ü  In-Bound call center on O-Tel network may handle 50 concurrent calls
ü  In-Bound call center on Telkom Network can handle 16 PSTN concurrent calls.
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