Newsletter 2 November 2020

Posted on Nov 2, 2020


01 November 2020



Deployment of NGN Services & installation

The NGN Service has increased dramaticaly in popularity. We have published the full process and also “Frequently Asked Questions” to our clients. Please See it here

The launch of Global DiD

Get your DiD (Telephone Numbers) for most countries in the world.

Have your branch or family member overseas dial their countries local number and it will ring on your South African phone!

Establish a presence in another country, have the number forwarded to any number you want in the world!

E164 Compliance

OTEL has complied with international telecomunication standards by changin to the E.164 code.

The E.164 Code defines the call routing and treatment with the NOA (Nature of Address), routing area and COS (Class of Service).

E.164 Codes enable the subscriber to associate a code with a destination. E.164 Codes are combinations of digits that provide a complete address to reach a destination in a network.

E.164 Codes cannot contain the characters # or *.

The E.164 Code has to be consistent with the PAC (Prefix Access Code) for extensions.

The E.164 function defines sets of E.164 Codes as well as associated destinations, NOAs, and/or traffic types. The E.164 Destination Code includes the routing instructions for all interconnected systems.

Sentinel VoIP monitoring services (OTEL NOC)
Sentinel is SIP/RTP call quality analyzer which is independent on any used SIP/PBX proxy. Each call is stored to database along with quality metrics, SIP packets for later analyze (in pcap format) or full RTP or only RTP headers packets. Access to data is through WEB interface. Sentinel is also able to play sound directly from the WEB or download as a WAV.Deploying sentinel sensor proactively (24h/day) helps to troubleshoot any sort of voice quality or SIP signaling problems. NOC employee do not need to sniff particular customer and use wireshark anymore for each reported case. Instead – if any problem arise – email report can be generated. Operator can look back to history data and check if some problem is systematic or adhoc.

The Digium Road show in Cape Town, Durban & Johannesburg

OTEL Telecoms partnered with Miro Distribution for the road show that was held on 15 August in Cape Town, 17 August in Johannesburg and 21 August in Durban. This Roadshow/Training event was focused on the latest products and technologies available from the biggest name in Voice over IP - Digium, and is perfect for people starting out in the field of VoIP, as well as seasoned veterans of the technology looking to keep up with the latest trends. During this event, we did not only showcase the latest and greatest devices and technologies available, but provided hands on training labs in order to show you just how easy these systems are to configure and use.

Mybroadband Conference in Vodaworld

SA’s VoIP Guru and OTELs Certified Trainer, Paul Colmer, presented an informative overview of the Academys’ Prospectus. The talk was preceded by OTEL Telecoms CEO, Mohammad Patel, who introduced the students to the South African Telecoms industry, it’s benefits and its potential.

As the students of the nation gears up for the final exams of the year, many have to make the very important decision of a career choice. In a well attended 1000 plus student event recently held at the Central Johannesburg College in Ellis Park, OTEL Telecoms had the opportunity to showcase its OTEL Academy which was met with great success.

Mohammad Patel concludes “OTELs commitment to the industry is second to none. At personal as well as corporate level, we dedicate time and effort to ensure the telecoms industry prospers to meet European and American standards. The aim is to change the mind-set of our youth. They should not be despondent when facing the real life challenges of finding a job when they can establish their own identity and enterprise in a vibrant telecoms industry.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparations, hard, work, and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

American politician


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