Newsletter-2nd Quarter 2011

Apr 3, 2020


The first quarter of 2011 has begun and ended on a high note. O-Tel has undergone so much activity in these past 3 months, that it has eclipsed all the achievements in 2010.
My draft list includes much more, most are ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘confidential’
My project task list is even longer.
Lots more to happen, but if I publish it here, that would be telling {smile}
We welcome Rheid clients to the O-Tel group. The Rheid and O-Tel team worked long hours to ensure a smooth transition.

No service changes. Your connection and pricing remains as it was.

Despite a few glitches caused by other providers (which makes me realise how easy it really is to deal with O-Tel, we’re doing many things the right way), and manual changes to a few customized client setups, the move over went well.

The O-Tel automated system will take some getting used to.  It offers much flexibility to clientele, who can handle their account all by themselves at any given time of day/night. O-Tel has received many compliments for its secure EFT Payment facility.  Offering a 24 hour automated service is very important for us. As I type this email on this late and lazy Sunday morning, I see no less than 17 clients logged into the portals processing transactions, reading up on the knowledgebase and other activities.

Somehow I feel that 2nd quarter will be more active than the first. Most likely because of the market is ‘hotting’ up and the South African public is becoming more aware of the power Telephone 2.0 technology O-Tel offers.

Whatever it is, the vibrant and active team here at O-Tel are ready to service and support our valuable new and old clients!

Mohammad Patel

CEO~ O-Tel Telecom


Some notable feats in First Quarter 2011:
  • -Launch of 1Cloud Hosted PBX
  • -National radio and newspaper advertising of 1Cloud Hosted PBX
  • -Record signing figures of resellers, specially those moving from other VoIP providers
  • -Upgrade of to cater for a wider audience
  • -Inter-connect Rate change
  • -LCR Plus Service launch
  • -Acquisition of Rheid Communications (VoIP Division)
  • -Reaching our goal of resolving support ticket issues within 20mins (we’ve achieved it in 19 minutes 44 seconds average)
  • -Deployment of additional Geographic Numbers and
  • -Increased number porting applications
  • -Upgrading web hosting infrastructure due to high volumes of website visitors
1Cloud Hosted PBX- Equipment Inventory
The wholesale offeriung of the 1Cloud Hosted PBX is fast becoming O-Tel’s flagship service, overtaking from the SIP Trunking service. As a result, deployment of rented hardware to clients must be controlled and deployment simplified as well as productivity improved.

O-Tel add a feature in its swiches where users on all management levels can add their equipment such as SIP phones and gateways to their account. Once they do this, they are able to provision their lines to customers. A URL will be created, to which you can copy and paste it in the hardware’s Auto Provision field, it will setup the hardware all by itself!

The same equipment can be shared by multiple
extensions. For example, an 8 line ATA adaptor located on the customer premises can
be provisioned to eight different phone terminal extensions from the O-Tel Voip webbased interface.

Now you do not need skilled staff to provision your hardware before onsite deployment.Once you receive the hardware, simply add it to the clients account, Auto Provision it with the URL provided and Voila! All you need is to PLUG & CALL!

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