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It is no secret that O-Tel Telecoms is moving away from ADSL backhaul. The IPC is reaching its max, and we’re not considering any upgrades to it. The national DSLAMS are over contended. Telkom is upgrading them all to MSANS to change the country’s Broadband Infrastructure towards its ‘New Generation Network’. The ‘NGN’ is what Telkom has been advertising aggressively during the World Cup 2010.

We at O-Tel have made it known in the past to Channel Partners that we’re in discussion with South Africa’s Largest telecom infrastructure provider, Telkom, to use their NGN as our base back-haul solution. Like how you are renting a piece of the O-Tel infrastructure, O-Tel intends to rent a large piece of the National NGN and make it available to you for rent at much more affordable pricing and less commitment. After almost 2 years of negotiations with Telkom, yesterday I have spent 4 hours with the Top Brass where we have concluded an exclusive deal worth having J

This commitment is large indeed, as having access to Telkom Pure Fibre exchanges, as well as every Diginet/Leased Copper exchange in the country requires a very large amount of capital as deposit, a very lengthy contract to sign and many targets to meet. We can do this only with your support. The contract signing is taking place two weeks from now, and our new NGN Fibre Port at Teraco will be installed before end of June 2012.

O-Tel has devised a package which we feel is very attractive to motivate all clients to move away from ADSL and subscribe to a back-haul connection which is STABLE, ELASTIC, and AFFORDABLE. After all, we have to gear the client towards TRIPLE PLAY, which is what O-Tel will offer you in the near future: Broadband Internet, VoIP, and IP TV.

This back-haul will commence with a VoIP only offering, but a ‘Dual Play’ Broadband Upgrade will be made available as soon as we’ve settled with a few hundred connections nationwide. This stable connection in itself will change the way you do business by eradicating most of the backhaul challenges you currently face.

The service is made available nationwide. Wherever there is a Telkom Fibre Node, we will install Fibre. If there is only Copper for Diginet, we will install a Copper Link, and upgrade the link when Telkom provides a Fibre Node. In brief, this NGN is available in most parts of the country, even if you consider yourself to be in the ‘Bundus’.

For Wireless Internet Service Providers VoIP Back-Haul, IT/PBX Companies installing for SME and Enterprises, or even SOHO, this service is very affordable.

VoIP Only Back-Haul…..wait for it…..

R50 / concurrent call!! ONLY!

Yep, O-Tel has done it again.. We’re leading the pack once more and at this rate, we can offer high quality VoIP at unbeatable pricing. No more clients complaining about VoIP quality, or losing any more clients. With this Back-haul, be ready to install and walk away. Remember, if you are a WISP, and your clientele is 300, but your concurrency is only 10, you need to have only 10 concurrencies. EG: R50 x 10 = R500pm.

Whats the catch?!  No Catch.

  • Only downside is that Diginet/Fibre connections requires very expensive routers, so Telkom charges the usual Diginet R2500 Once off installation fee.
  • Thereafter you pay R50 per concurrent call with a MINIMUM of 8 Concurrent Calls  sign-up required.  So the cheapest connection you can have is only R400pm.
  • To allow us to recover the router costs, you need to sign a 12 month contract with O-Tel, and your client signs up a 12 month contract with you. Telkom are very sticky with their contracts as these routers costs nothing less than R7500/pc.
  • The installation takes approximately 45days, although it have happened within 21days dependant on the area.


We need your feedback.  Please complete this quick POLL so I know what you think of this break-through service from O-Tel Telecoms.


Mohammad Patel


O-Tel Telecoms

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