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O-Box Review -Staff

Posted on May 10 in O-TELby Press OfficerPrint

The obox is set to revolutionize the telecom industry..

Telkom’s predicament

Since Telkom’s privatisation and listing on the JSE, many new residential and commercial areas which have been recently developed donot have telephone lines. Probable reason is that infrastructure costs are high and Telkom do not see it viable to setup new infrastructure in those areas,
most likely because of the small number of applicants. These residents and
businesses are left without a telecom infrastructure.

Those areas where copper cable theft is high, Telkom do not see it economically viable to replace them anymore. Call centres are bluntly
telling those clients, ‘Sorry , we can no longer offer a service in that area’.

This causes great concern and problems for the south African public.

Luckily with the advent of the IECNS licences, OTEL can now resolve these problems.

*to launch the OBOX as a DSL router.
The OBOX was specifically designed for OTEL to accommodate the telecom climate in South Africa. The OBOX offers DSL modem facility with a 3G broadband backup.
This means that in the advent of the clients ADSL connection going down, the
OBOX will automatically kick the connectivity to 3G. Temporarily or permanent, depending on the time it takes Telkom to repair/reinstate connection to the DSL.

*as a 3G device
In cases where there is no DSL connection in an area, then the OBOX will
set the 3G connection it receives as its primary connection, allowing full
broadband offering to the client.

*as a wifi transmitter
The Obox will transmit the broadband it receives by DSL or 3G in two ways. It can do it wirelessly via WIFI, so the customers laptops orWIFI based LAN connection at the office can all receive broadband wirelessly.

*as a network LAN switch

*The second method is via LAN cable. The OBOX has a built in 4 port network switch which will allow upto 4 computers or 4 digital IP Phones to connect and have connection for voice or data..

At a fixed monthly fee, the client can also have digital PBX functions from OTEL, saving tons of hardware

*as an analog compliant basic PBX
The obox’s feature packed list does not stop here!

The OBOX includes a single FXO port, which caters for an incoming PSTN line. Placed Next to this port are 2 analog extension ports, which allows the client to connect 2x analog telephones to dial out. Whether it be a low cost analog phone, or a fancy DECT cordless phone. The OBOX is compatible with all! The client has choice to share one telephone line (with one telephone number) or two telephone lines (with two telephone numbers) on the OBOX. This makes it ideal for SOHO based companies.

*connecting to otel
Although the OBOX caters for the client not to lose his long standing PSTN number by continuing to rent it from telkom, a new OTEL 087 based number will be given to the client. The client can make calls out and receive calls via this digital number. All cost savings from otel do apply as the client will be using otel’s digital network to call out.

the obox offers mobility internationally.
Whether the client moves office, home or goes overseas on business, if he takes the OBOX and places it in his hotel room and connects a broadband
connection to it, he can run his office from his hotel room. As his laptop will have internet connectivity and his phone will be able to receive and make calls from his clients! He can take his office everywhere. Creative clients have already used the OBOX in limousines. They have installed the OBOX in the boot of the limouse, connected via a 3G connection, and offering the occupant/s of the limo full telephony and internet access from his laptop. The true benefits of the modern age digital technology.

Pbx gateway connection
Wise PBX installers have used the versatality of the OBOX and turned it into a gateway too! Connecting this device onto an analog PBX, it offer a 2 trunk digital gateway upgradeable to multiple trunks via OTEL’s GW200, 400 or 800 GATEWAYS.

Simply speaking, the OBOX connects to the clients PBX trunks. A DSL line
is connected to the OBOX and the client may make digital calls via the OBOX and SAVE much off their phone bill!
Furthermore, should the clients telephone lines go down, the OBOX will kick into its 3G backup broadband connection, and the client will STILL be able to make and receive calls via OTEL digital network. Naturally, if Telkoms PSTN (011) line is stolen, the number goes with it, so clients will be able to make/receive calls via the 087 digital number only.

The OBOX can be purchased with or without a 3G connection.
If the client wishes to use it for ADSL connectivity only, without a 3G connection, the retail price of the OBOX is set from R2999 inc vat.

option 2
If the client already has a 3G modem with a broadband contract
(Vodafone’s E220 modem), then he can simply purchase the OBOX and connect his current 3G connection to the OBOX and he’s up and running.

option 3
should the client not have a 3G connection, he can sign a 24 month contract
with OTEL and we will give a free 3G modem to connect to the OBOX. The
client can either purchase the OBOX cash for R2999, or sign it on lease for
R175pm(excluding 3G connectivity).

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