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O-Tel Launches PTT Test Phase in SA

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As some of you may know, O-Tel has been experimenting with new technology to enter the mobile market. To which our aim is to be the 5th Cellular network provider. Due to the uncertainty of the mobile market, and foreseeing the drop in interconnect rates, O-Tel had decided to change strategy and move into a service to which is necessary, but absent in South Africa.

“Push To Talk” aka PTT.

PTT PoC or Push to Talk over Cellular is a service option for a cellular phone network (O-Tel’s partnership with Vodafone comes into play here) which permits users to use their phone as a walkie-talkie. An agent suggested O-Tel markets it as ‘Voice SMS Service’, as you can convey a short message like an SMS, over voice.

PTT has many target markets. This half-duplex communication line which works similar to a two-way radio has just been upgraded by O-Tel to work nationwide. Typically, normal two-way radios requires LOS (Line of Sight) to an aerial linking the two, and it is fixed, usually in a vehicle. The hand held walkie-talkies are large, cumbersome and poor battery life. Security companies, teenagers, companies with fleet, taxi service, courier companies etc.

One significant advantage of PoC is that it allows a single person to reach an active talk group with a single button press; users no longer need to make several calls to coordinate with a group. The phones can talk to each other FOR FREE!!!! UNLIMITED!!! FAIR USAGE POLICY!!! Once off monthly costs, talk as much as you want! Remember, someone from Cape Town can speak to Someone in Pretoria AT NO COST!!!

In addition to mobile handsets, the Push-to-Talk service is complemented with fixed PC applications acting as PTT clients connected to the mobile operator via secured Internet links. A specialized type of PC Client is a dispatcher, similar to a PC client but designed for heavy load dispatching. That is, coordinating many issues typically caused when managing large fleets from a dispatch center. In Spain, Telefonica launched PTT offering with focus on dispatch orientated group communications. O-Tel has tested this on a smaller scale, but we need your assistance for larger tests.

After a lengthy testing and R&D process, we’re finally at BETA Phase 1 stage…

What you need to do is visit , this is O-Tel’s retail product name of the service. It is still in a VERY unstable environment, but we need your assistance to stabilize it. Full release is due 1st March 2010 after your test result. Hopefully after reaching BETA Phase 4 (as per VLL testing).

Simply speaking, you register a company on the site, it will create the network. Then you add users, either mobile base (windows mobile only) or PC based. Software available on the site’s dashboard.

Everything is simplified. You simply pay for the users, and you charge on to the clients. Estimated cost to you would be R75 per user (RRP R149/user), sold in 10 user packs. Larger user packs will attract discounts. Master agents need to contact me for special deals on large scale.

Hardware will be made available by O-Tel. Rugged windows mobile based mobile phones, with O-Tel SIM cards. This only at release date or later..

User Manual available here:

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