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O-Tel vs. Premi-CELL

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Monthly costs

We have 3 GSM networks in South Africa. Ideally you would be sold 3x Premi-cells, one for each network. Each premi-cell is subject to a 24 month contract at R1600 per month. That’s R4800 p/m costs, pre paid without you calling a second off it!

With O-Tel’s digital network, you pay for what you use. No upfront payment, keep your money.

No Contract

You’re tied down for 24 months! Why?

No Contract!! Month to month!

No Carry over

You get 1000 minutes in your premi-cell contract for R1600. Thats about R1.60 per minute. But what if you do not use all 1000minutes?! The balance does NOT carry over! If you’ve only used 800 minutes, it means that you’ve actually paid R2.00 per minute! R1600 / 800mins = R2.00…WHERE is the saving?!

No need to pre-pay for minutes! Spend what you can afford! If you have credit, we will carry it over for you! You don’t lose your money!


Your PBX is usually setup in a way that if your Premi-Cell 1 is engaged with a colleague using it, it overflows onto the next premi-cell, which is of another network! So you’re paying very high cross net work charges! WHERE is the saving?

NO cross network charges for you! We have state of the art switches which will determine the correct switching of the network and send the call via that.

Inconvenience of line waiting

To avoid above scenario, some PBX’s are programmed to only call a network’s number with the same network Premi-Cell. So if your colleague is busy on that premi-cell, you will NEED TO WAIT until he’s done so you may call your client. Productivity and time lost! WHERE is the saving?

We have Inter-Connect agreements with the GSM networks! All your staff can call to a GSM number simultaneously; we have the infrastructure to support it! We pay for it, not you! Don’t bottleneck the growth of your business!

Number Portability

If your client has ported to another network and kept the same number, the Premi-Cell CANNOT recognise this! You’re paying cross network charges! WHERE is the saving?

No matter which GSM network you call, you pay one flat per second fee. We do the switching to the correct networks!

Interconnect Quality

With Premi-Cells, you go through 4 wireless towers before connecting a call. Wireless is unreliable. Much of your quality gets lost!

O-Tel’s network connects your PBX via cable to Otel’s switch, which in turn connects via cable to the GSM networks switch. The only wireless is from the GSM switch to the tower nearest to the recipient of the call! Only 2 wireless connections! Superb digital voice quality.

Pure Call per Second

GSM contracts charge you a minimum connection fee for every call you make! Even if you speak for 5 seconds, they charge you for the full minute! Thereafter its call–per-second. WHERE is the saving?!

O-Tel’s provides PURE per second billing from second ONE! NO HIDDEN COSTS!

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