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O-Tel’s Hybrid PBX

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O-Tel have an IP PBX which is of in-house design. This digital technology PBX can handle 30 concurrent calls easily.

For customers who are starting new branches or establishing new a company, they no longer need to wait long for analog Telkom lines. The can immediately have telephony functions via our 3G digital device, whilst they wait for a DIGITAL Subscriber line (DSL) to be installed. This DSL line will connect to the digital pbx, which will allow the client to send and receive digital voice calls. However, 3G technology can only cater for 3 to 5 concurrent calls clearly. This should be good enough to kick-start the client until his Digital lines arrive from Telkom. The only stable digital line connectivity available is from Telkom (being the largest landline operator in SA). We’re hoping for quicker installation service from Telkom in future. We’re also hoping for Other landline network infrastructure companies to provide this service at a faster, cheaper and quicker installation rate in the future.

Digital Telephone extensions are of high quality and tons of features. One PBX can cater for 253 telephones connected by simple and cost effective network switches.
Features:Codec: G.729, Echo cancellation: Support G.168, and Hands-free can support 96ms, Hand free Speaker Phone, VAD, CNG, Full duplex hands-free speaker phone.2 SIP lines.Call forward/ transfer/holding/ waiting / 3 way talking/ paging and intercom/pickup/join call/click to dial/call park. Flexible dial map, Hot line,empty calling reject, Black list for reject authenticated call, limit call, No disturb, Caller ID, Support Phonebook 500 records,conference and voice record on SIP server,10 ring tones

Installation of these PBX’s can be DIY, but professional installation is required. It is as simple as setting up a computer network, consisting on LAN/WAN setup and IP Addresses. Regular training is given to agents at OTEL HQ.

Prices on the Digital PBX (without phones) retail from R4999ex vat (or from R289pm) and each digital phone retails from R1599ex vat.
A typical 5 phone PBX setup for SME should cost not more than R15 000 including installation, or R899 per month over a 24 months contract period.
This setup will also allow the client to connect directly to O-Tel’s digital network and start saving on telecommunication costs immediately.

DSL Line rentals begin from R133ex vat from telkom. O-Tel’s retail business line rental begins from R99 ex vat (including hunting). That’s a massive 55% lower than Telkoms R155 rental rate per line (including hunting). If we’re looking at laready a 55% saving on line rental, a massive (approximate depending on clients call habit) 30% can be saved on calls … as O-tel’s onnet calls are only 17c +vat.

PBX Description
This PBX is so advanced that computer based softphones with headsets can also be used.
So the client gets the latest digital PBX which offers very expensive features. Brief description follows:

GAT006 is a fully featured and VoIP ready IP-PBX specifically at small and middle size businesses with up to 30 concurrent calls and without extensions limitation. Based on the Asterisk opensource platform with excellent echo canceller function.
Up to 30 concurrent calls, 4 Anlogue lines can be fxs or fxo, VoIP ready, Web based management

PBX features (IVR, Voicemail, Conferencing,T.38, etc)

Branches can connect up these PBX’s at their various branches, and talk to each other (inter-branches) for FREE. Also, the companies can choose to have 1x reception at HQ, and transfer the calls to various branches, so all calls go through one PBX. As long as those branches have DSL connectivity from Telkom. Client can check for 3G coverage or DSL connectivity on their exchange at

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