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who are we?

OTEL is a Licensed VoIP Infrastructure Provider to ISPs, ITSP, PBX and LCR companies. Our nationwide dedicated network and cutting edge technology positions OTEL in the forefront of Carrier VoIP Providers in South Africa.

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Event- Fibre Sales Workshop- 28th Jan 2014

Posted by Press Officer on Jan 20, 2020


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OTEL Telecoms Delivers Platform for Growing Voice Service Providers

Posted by Press Officer on Jan 16, 2020

OTEL Telecoms Fills the Gap with the Stratford Service Shared Voice Provisioning SoftSwitch Johannesburg – 15 January 2020, OTEL Telecoms, a licenced first tier voice and broadband service provider, announced today the launch of the Stratford Service, a carrier grade,...

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Event- Fibre Sales Workshop 21/11/13

Event- Fibre Sales Workshop 21/11/13

Posted by Press Officer on Nov 19, 2020

If you cannot view this invitation, please click here Click on the image to...

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what our clients say!

Thys Ellis
Thys Ellis Gauteng Telecoms ~ Gauteng
The Fibre is now up and running, Thank you so much Thyson, you are a STAR !!!!!!
. .
Raynard Both
Raynard Both Stirling Telecoms
Very informative. Well presented.
Archie Mokhere
Archie Mokhere MTL Computer Network Solutions ~ Gauteng
Constant Gouws
Constant Gouws B-Safe Systems ~ Gauteng
Very informative and a great opportunity.
Sasha Barnett
Sasha Barnett Pandacom ~ Gauteng
“Good training. Clearly and simply explained. Processes appear to be simple and well maintained”
Hilton Wood
Hilton Wood Pandacom ~ Gauteng
“Very informative. Paul is very good at what he does and his new solution is very impressive. This is a great opportunity and I will hopefully be doing a lot of business with him in future. Please send relevant info and presentation. Thank You”
Al Troskie
Al Troskie Telworld ~ Gauteng
“Paul was clear and informative. Humour good. Experience showed. Appreciate the follow up. Carmen well done, clear and informative, dedication showed”
Niel McKenzie
Niel McKenzie Flexitec Digital Solutions
“Excellent,provided perspective to market entry and market needs from a service offering and a good break down of the pricing structure of Otel’s Metrocore offerings.”
Divan Malan
Divan Malan Nashua Tshwane
“Very educational and informative. Thank you.”
Andrea Yeld
Andrea Yeld Nashua Tshwane
“Very informative. The benefits and availability costs explained.”
 Colin Taute
Colin Taute Nashua Tshwane
“Very much impressed and can really see the benefits plus opportunity.”
 Rory van Loggerenberg
Rory van Loggerenberg Nashua Tshwane
“I learned a lot about fibre. what it can do and where I can use it. Also where to sell this. Thanks Paul”
Edwin Madara
Edwin Madara Afrinet Business Systems
“Extremely eye opening and very informative. Presentation has prompted me to align with Otel for direction into the future of Afrinet Business Systems.”
Phumlani Gouws
Phumlani Gouws Meridict Systems
“Thank you for a worthwhile presenattion to attend. i will follow up later for my specific requirements. Please send me acopy of the presentaton.”
Silvano Gabriel
Silvano Gabriel Siromid Technology
” Very happy to supply clients with enough information. Please send the presentation to us.”
Donald Pullend
Donald Pullend Advanced Business Spectrum
“Informative. Please send TVNO info/presentation.”
Khunjuluwa Wowolicious Trading
” Good as I have never studied IT but I have worked as a marketer in so many IT companies. Ive learnet so many things that are actually going to help me in my current project. Please forward the presentation to me.”
Albert Dikgale
Albert Dikgale Cygninet Group
“Fibre is the way to go.”
Johan Haupt
Johan Haupt Flash Net systems
“Was very interesting. Got good insight into the procedure.”
Tshepo Mosella
Tshepo Mosella Kutloano Technology
“Excellent, brilliant and very informative. Good for us resellers. Got new ideas of developing new business and revenue stream.”
Iqbal Alladin
Iqbal Alladin Alladin IT Solutions
“Very informative and I understand a lot more to be able to supply a solution to my clients”
Marius Els
Marius Els Grape Vine Communications
“Enjoyed the presentation. The food quality was excellent”
Allan Strydoms
Allan Strydoms Alcomms
” As expected, eye opener and well presented. Paul is exceptionally good when it comes to training.”
SW Van Wyks
SW Van Wyks Nashua Tshwane
“Excellent! Brilliant spectrum of knowledge.”
Mooketsi Sepeng
Mooketsi Sepeng Quadrolink IT and Telecoms
” How to become a VoIP provider. What is Voip? It was presented well and the expression was overwhelming. It was impressing and interesting.”
Neil Harris
Neil Harris Compulink
“Good Presentation. Very informative and interesting.”
Tertius Roux
Tertius Roux Nashua Tshwane - Twsane
“Very good. Excellent course.”
Ian Nel
Ian Nel Nashua Tshwane
“Very informative, well presented with great interaction with the class. Good course for sales and technical. ”
Sugan Naidoo
Sugan Naidoo Nashua Tshwane - Tshwane
“Paul shows passion and is very intelligent in his products. Learning from him is priceless. Knowing I have him on my side for support makes me confident to pursue this field.”
Tony Steyn
Tony Steyn Nashua Tshwane
“Paul is a very good teacher and knows what he’s talking about. One can tell that he has been in this industry for a long time. Thank you Paul for a good week.”
Jacques Windt
Jacques Windt Bethnet ~ Bethlehem
“Good day Mr. Patel my name is Jacques Windt I run a small ISP in Bethlehem. I am a client of Otel and asked your staff for your e-mail address, I want to thank you for the good service Otel is giving me. People are always quick to complain and fight but not when it comes to saying thank you. We had a big problem with the fiber the last week but Senzo and Carmen took some of the burden away from me and made me feel at ease. It is so nice to have a provider like yourself that takes care of its clients and puts the interest of the client above the rest. THANK YOU!!”
Jacques Windt
Jacques Windt Bethnet ~ Bethlehem
“Hi Senzo,Thank you for the good service up until now. We are really happy with the service we are getting.Regards, Everyone at BethNet”
Ruan Joubert
Ruan Joubert Nashua Tshwane - Tshwane
“Very Informative. Paul’s explanation of concepts is well done. He makes understanding VoIP easy.”
Alain Regnard
Alain Regnard HSN Solutions ~ Gauteng
“Hi ThysonThanks a mill – YES IT WORKS!!!!I am freaken excited about the product – costings, understanding etc… I have been working through the reports as per Pauls instructions and everything is great!Thanks again guys – now I know how this works, so will start increasing the sales 10 fold”
Réno Pretorius
Réno Pretorius Winet Technologies ~ South Africa
“Hi PaulThank you for the quick reply and information. Not often you get a company replying this quickly with all relevant info and who’s online system just works !:-)Any case, I have created a test account and set it up for testing as well. Was really quick and easy. Now it’s just a matter of adding some money on the account to make a few calls and test. Where can I add money on the account?Also if you could send me the details for the IPC account as well.Thank you very much.Reno”
Paul van Zyl
Paul van Zyl Prosperoh / Spidercom ~ Western Cape
“Paul,I just want to thank you for helping me understand how voip works. Nobody else wanted to help me, and you gave me 2.5 hours of your time on a Saturday evening. Considering that I was not even your client then, I am most grateful. As I said to you today I am your client now. Clients do not do business with a corporate - they do business with people. I pride myself in being a professional salesman, and I want to commend you on your salesmanship - Well Done!This is a perfect study on pro salesmanship.Regards.”
René Minnie
René Minnie Kawuleza Connect ~ Cape Town
“Awesome I spoke to Carmen thanks.Very pleasant person to deal with.”
Renate Advocaat
Renate Advocaat Chairman at Hanover Chamber of Commerce & Industry ~ Hanover
“When I was looking for a reliable and sustainable telecommunications solution for our tiny Karoo town, I came across Paul. Paul was and is not like any other provider of telecommunication solutions. He listened to our needs and offered unique solutions that would not only be of benefit to the businesses in Hanover, but also to the people in the township. It was and is a pleasure to work with Paul. Thinking out-of-the-box and using his network, the solution provided was simple yet effective, reliable and affordable. Companies like Vodacom, MTN and Telkom can learn a thing or 2 from this man, who can bring technology to remote places. No arrogance, but a no nonsense approach and fulfilling all stakeholders’ needs.”
Steve Vorster
Steve Vorster Velocity IT Solutions ~ Gauteng
“Hi Paul,Since our meeting some 6 weeks ago, I have new vision for the voice division of my business, and it is all thanks to you bring the Otel Channel Partnership offering to Durban. Your Cloud based VOIP solution will create a major part of my companies earnings in a short space of time, as my clients are starting to see the value for their businesses.I appreciate the dedication and support that you have given me as a new channel partner, especially the training, your packaged TVNO deal, and the Centrex Contact Centre offering. Your assistance when it came to meeting deadlines for tenders we were bidding for, and the way enquiries were expedited, showed me your character & drive to make my business venture with you a success.I look forward to some great business opportunities working with you, and making the businesses we deal with, save on call costs and improve the way they are able to do business through the offerings you provide.Many thanks,”
Johnathan Ekkerd
Johnathan Ekkerd True Tech ~ Jeffreys Bay
“Thank you very much Carmen,I mailed 2 other people with this and no response. You were quick and very helpful. The trunk immediately registered. I appreciate the help.With kind regards”
Carl Knight
Carl Knight Debtors Outsourcing ~ Gauteng
“Hi MohammadThis is great!!Everything works perfectly and it is rather easy.The only issue that I had was that there are “gaps” in the conversations which is obviously due to bad line (ADSL) quality on our side. Telkom is installing a Diginet line soon, so that should take care of the problem.Best regards”
Keith Sithole
Keith Sithole Central Johannesburg College IT Graduate ~ Johannesburg
“This has been a joy ride I will not forget, as I’ve gained so much knowledge that the world is bound to come across or stop a very high thank you to Mr Paul Colmer. He has given me the chance of a lifetime. Thank you”
Albert Dikgale
Albert Dikgale Cygninet ~ Gauteng
“Being the first time attending a technical and detailed training of this magnitude, I am leaving here being equipped to start my journey in VoIP and more, especially grasped the jist of what I came here for.. I find OTEL Africa and Compulink’s partnership taking the telecommunication industry to another level. Paul presentation was EXCELLENT.”
Mahlapane Motsoeneng
Mahlapane Motsoeneng Central Johannesburg College IT Graduate ~ Johannesburg
“I have truly learnt so much in this training. I didn’t know a lot about telecommunication, but Paul showed/educated/taught me a lot more including networking. It was amazing, it was an eye opener. It taught me a lot in communication and interacting with other people. Paul is a great trainer/educator. Would love to attend the up and coming future training.”
Ben Nkunn
Ben Nkunn Bennish Projects ~ Gauteng
“Well informed trainer and also his VoIP knowledge made the training interesting and informative. My VoIP and IT knowledge was stretched. Many thanks.”
Zubair Ebrahim
Zubair Ebrahim ABC Cellular ~ Pretoria
“I’ve endured the Ramadhan fast to take his primarily cellular business into Unified CommunicationsVery informative and very helpful presenter overall. I am happy with the course content and the practical applications thereafter”
Deon Basson
Deon Basson B&D Systems Engineering ~ Gauteng
“Very good, Paul knows what he’s talking about and has practical experience in the area of VoIP so it’s a practical experience versus only theory training”
Alan Strydom
Alan Strydom Alco Communications ~ Pretoria
“Done with excellence and dedicated training skill. Well worth it and the money spend. Training was done with passion and understanding. The VoIP course was well presented. Will be recommended to anyone interested in VoIP.”
Donald Oloo
Donald Oloo Basizi Data Solutions ~ Durban
“The course was well presented and would recommend it to others”
Steven Williams
Steven Williams EasyComs ~ StillBaai
“I am speaking to you quiet frank as we have always enjoyed good service from you and we look forward to adding more services in the new areas for phones and internet.”
Wynand van Rensburg
Wynand van Rensburg Nology Solutions ~ Gauteng
“Enjoyed every bit and learnt a lot. Paul has a special skill for explaining technology and a great knowledge of all the technology. I loved it “!
Alex vdMerwe
Alex vdMerwe WanSpot ~ Western Cape
And tell your support staff that they must keep on doing the great job their doing, I was pleasantly surprised when they phoned me to find out if I was coming right with the SIP account setup.
Coenraad Loubser
Coenraad Loubser Wish Networks ~ Stellenbosch
Otel is pretty awesome. Quick response, solid network. Used some of their SIP accounts for several months, problems were responded to and fixed in minutes, all via their support ticket system.Only complaint I had is that they have too many products to choose from, so you need to be sold something by one of their salespeople. Good strategy to cover the whole demand curve, I guess. Regardless, the pricing is between 10-20% of the majority of products, so definitely worth considering.
Shawn Homann
Shawn Homann Mvuhu Group ~ Gauteng
All seem to be working Mohammad!!! You have been exceptional in your service. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely,
Bas Dijkhuizen
Bas Dijkhuizen Bas Dijkhuizen ~ Netherlands
Thanks again for helping out; I guess a lot of companies over here (the Netherlands) could take your customer service as an example. Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards, Bas Dijkhuizen
Carel Boshoff
Carel Boshoff Vukatel ~ Newcastle
I have been dealing with O-Tel now for one and a half year and have seen O-Tel grow with leaps and bounds. I have seen tremendous progress on quality issues and think that the time and effort spent on improving line and voice quality is not only commendable, but has opened the gap between the have and have-nots (those who have O-Tel and those who have not) to such a huge gap that it would be difficult to catch up. O-Tel’s infra structure is extremely solid and I am of the opinion that it is good enough for commercial grade. Our issues to date has not been with the O-Tel infra-structure and has always been related to the Last Mile Connectivity (LMC), supplied by the third party, Telkom. The way forward is to build a base large enough to use the best LMC possible (Fibre and Diginet) and move away from the fragile DSL networks.
Louis Ferreira
Louis Ferreira TopServ ~ Bloemfontein
By looking at the services offered it’s hard to think how I managed to go without O-Tel! You now enable me to offer a much better all-in-one service to my clients, and in the end that’s what everyone wants! Your clients is what makes you different from the business next door, call it your secret weapon if you wish, without them you won’t be there! Being able to control all aspects of their account is what enables you to offer outstanding service.Thank you for your outstanding service, it says a lot about a company if the CEO is willing to deal with a small prospective client like myself!
Cameron Muir
Cameron Muir iClix ~ Kimberley
The set up is simple enough to get through. I think that the product is brilliant and if marketed correctly it is a cash cow of note.Thanks for all your assistance.
Duncan Miller
Duncan Miller Market Makers ~ Cape Town
The 1Cloud Signup and portal was easy to use. We managed to be up and running within 30 minutes.
Erick Wiese
Erick Wiese Bosveld Communications ~ Polokwane
For a south africa company that is supposed to help its customers to do their job and give feedback. Maybe i will give you guys 11 out of 10. Support queries has been handled quick and effectively. If you can provide that support all the time i will be a customer for life. The whole idea of a call centre or support centre is to give support not ” maybe and don’t know… no there must be something wrong on your side or the most favourite one the last week from our voip company ” Please don’t call me after hours as I’m busy with important stuff” And this was after all communications dropped. “their call centre” does not work after hours or weekends. My service to my customer does not stop at 5, why must their support stop. The signup was very good and the interface i will figure out as we go. I now know what is the most important ones and that is to sign on new clients. Thank you so far for everything
James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson Sonic Wireless ~ Western Cape
The signup proceedure was a breeze and fully automated which allowed for the instant activation of my account. Once I understood the O-Tel interface, I threw my Asterisk servers away as the O-Tel system does everything I needed and more!With O-Tel’s facilities, I am now offering a fully fledged VOIP system and the best part is that I do not need any skilled personnel. O-Tel has given my company extra revenue streams without any additional overhead.
Jonathan Bowker
Jonathan Bowker Aberdeen Technical Services ~ Karoo Region
Most attractive to the 1Cloud Telephone 2.0 service is the ease of doing business - I could find all the options and costs on the 1Cloud site as well as sign up for the service. Painless ! It was very easy to set up and get my client online, the knowledgebase was invaluable as it gives a step-by-step procedure. The level of control offered by the software is excellent.
Ian Mirk
Ian Mirk Sadiba Communications ~ Port Elizabeth
In today’s evolving market, any client would be reckless in committing capital to the purchase of a new PABX – large or small. Vendors are still supplying either analogue equipment – totally obsolete in today’s digital market and incapable of becoming a hub of highly productive unified communications, or are offering expensive digital PABX’s without offering the balance of the services required to maximise digital productivity.
Johann Kruger
Johann Kruger In Touch with the World ~ Alberton
Compared to a standard PBX setting up the 1Cloud Hosted PBX is very quick, and easy to setup. The system layout makes for a more efficient way off setting up and commisioning of the PBX resulting in getting the client connected faster. The call quality is very good however I do feel the last mile connection speed may influence this. The features live up to Telephone 2.0 technology. Also a great advantage to 1Cloud is the fact that it is dynamic and can be easily adapted to the clients needs as compared to a conventional PBX system.
Armand v. As
Armand v. As eTime ~ George
O-Tel’s GUI interface system is a very basic interface that is easy to use, yet with all functionality as needed, provided with many extras to create a solution for almost anything. Fast and prompt technical support , giving detailed advice, even within minutes allocating the clients needs to be resolved asap. We found to have a definite improvement in call quality compared to our previous provider. Most of our past Voip related problems were based on poor call quality and through our migration to Otel this problem is resolved providing us with satisfied clients and a feeling of good provision for us as a service provider.
Ryan Hartman
Ryan Hartman Hymax NW ~ Mafeking
O-Tel’s IPC implementation has improved call quality, we’ve had no problems thus far. The voip and billing panel is very easy to use. Itcan be done closed eyes. Being very knowledgeable in PBX’s, I believe O-Tel’s 1Cloud is the future of PBX technology. By marketing this new product, existing clients and new customers are keen on trying this out. We’re undergoing training, simply we need to do the know how on the entire setup, so we can start moving.
Jacques Snyman
Jacques Snyman ABC for BEE ~ Gauteng
1Cloud’s Telephone 2.0 will definately benefit my company for now and the future. I think the support will be the greatest asset and then the cost reduction compared to our previous Analog PBX. We’ve moved from our VoIP provider because we need current solutions which involves a hosted PBX administered by myself and VOX SIP Trunk [porting to O-Tel] . We need reliable support should something go wrong.
Tian Kriek
Tian Kriek Computer Corporation-Willows ~ Pretoria
O-Tel’s Digital Telephony Network was very easy to sign up, and had a thorough interface. The full automation will now benefit us in terms of flexibility as we do not have to wait for business hours to assist customers.
Jan Oosthuizen - CEO
Jan Oosthuizen - CEO eTime ~ George
Thanks to all of you at O-Tel for sorting our number porting issues out. VOX and Telkom will be our best salesmen due to their inability to help customers.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams EasyComs Communications (Pty) Ltd ~ Stillbaai
I would like to thank Thyson for putting in special effort to get the telephone and fax lines working under one account, this is a huge leap forward as I can now with confidence sell phones and fax solutions under one account. We are about to pitch to co-operasies and big commercial companies and this will strengthen our proposals even further.Thank you so much for your amazing team with all the support they have given it’s a first in south africa for such a big company to treat there customers with such respect and the will to help find solutions (or make solutions in that matter) till we are satisfied.We have reopened our stance on the fiber lines in Mosselbay and I will be in touch shortly to reapply/confirm for this. (last year was such a rush to find a solution we have a current one but in the next few weeks we are going to need to beef up our backhaul)
Johan Roode
Johan Roode MobiCorner ~ Heldekruin
Mohammad, once again, thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into this.You should open your own training center and teach people what customer service and client support is really about. I think you deserve a perfomance bonus/ increase
Steven Williams
Steven Williams EasyComs Communications (Pty) Ltd ~ Stillbaai
Please note senzo has resolved this matter, thank you Mohammad, we were under a lot of pressure with this client as he is inter connected with multiple companies and organisations, which threatened new business and current customers.Big thank you to Senzo for helping me while he was sick.Kind Regards,
Richard Chadwick
Richard Chadwick Layer 3 Networking ~ Gauteng
“Excellent! Pauls presentation of the course was superb and simplistic. He exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel educated, motivated and confident to take on the world. Thank you Paul for an excellent course.”
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