Geographic Number Portability, a revolution in the South African PBX Industry After much pressure onto ICASA from alternative operators, it has been made possible for competitor operators to port a landline number from the incumbent and add it onto their network. The SME knows that he can now migrate to another Telecom provider and retain the landline [...]

Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape gains market share and solidifies position as Port Elizabeths fastest growing Digital Telecom Service Provider Johannesburg: Tuesday, May 8 - 2010 PRESS RELEASE Sadiba O-Tel Eastern Cape, a Telecom Service Provider appointed by O-Tel to service Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas, today announced that its market share of the Digital Telecom provision has risen [...]

Thursday, April 29, 2020

Least cost routing gets the boot

By Candice Jones and Nicola Mawson, ITWeb online telecoms editor Johannesburg, 28 Apr 2020 Read in this story Not cheap enough Larger losses All is well Digital is calling Interconnect rate cuts will see the LCR market collecting dust, say operators. The new proposed interconnect rates have killed the business case for least-cost routing (LCR), say local alternative telecomsproviders. At the beginning of April, the Independent Communications Authority [...]

Saturday, April 24, 2020

The Demise of GSM LCR in South Africa

Opinion Piece- M.A. Patel, CEO, O-Tel Telecom The Demise of GSM LCR in South Africa The Telecoms Industry has turned out to be very exciting. From the grim days of having one land line service provider, and one GSM mobile provider, to now having a multitude of Licensed Telecom Service Providers, offering low cost communication. What has changed, you [...]

Saturday, April 17, 2020

Operators, are you ready?

Operators, are you ready? By Farzana Rasool, ITWeb journalist. Johannesburg, 14 Apr 2020 MTN call rates that will apply to the tourist SIM card pack. Telecoms operators seem well prepared for the large influx of network users during the Fifa 2010 Soccer World Cup, say analysts. “They [operators] have had enough time to prepare. I think they’ve all done the adequate planning, but of course capacity [...]

Friday, April 16, 2020

ICASA stuns mobile operators

Staff writer MyBB & Sapa | 15 April, 2010 Its back to the drawing board for Vodacom, MTN and Cell C after ICASA suggests aggressive wholesale mobile call termination rate cuts The Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) surprised mobile operators on Thursday by suggesting significant price cuts to current mobile and fixed line interconnect rates. ICASA [...]

With all the media attention and hype around WiMax this list may help you understand why not to discount practical Wifi technologies that are solving real world problems today. WAPA estimates that 40000+ clients are connected using outdoor Wifi and a potential 1Million more people who have laptops with Wifi features. WISPs (Wireless ISPs) prefer Wifi [...]

Saturday, March 27, 2020

O-Tel Deploys Network in Newcastle

O-Tel Sets footprint in Newcastle As part of its continuing network investment to support growing demand for advanced digital telephony and applications, O-TEL today announced the activation of new Wi-Fi wireless sites in Newcastle, which will enhance coverage for area residents and businesses. The new wireless sites are one part of O-TEL’s ongoing efforts to drive innovation [...]

Friday, March 26, 2020


QUICK Q & A Mohammad patel, CEO of O-Tel Africa What did you want to be when you grow up? My primary schooling was in a French school. The school I went to had a subscription with a Children’s magazine called “ASTRAPI”. [...]

O-Tel Telecom Achieves Significant Business, Growth Milestones in 2009 Licensed National Telecom Operator Ends First Full Year of Business With Nationwide Presence, Wireless Network Deployment, Major Partnership Deals, Expanded Digital Voice Services and PTT Services Johannesburg, South Africa—15 March, 2010- O-Tel Telecom , Licensed National Telecom Operator, ended its first full year of business, having achieved nationwide [...]

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