Newsletter- [22 July 2020]

22 July 2020



The IP Convergence Conference is FULLY BOOKED!

We’ll see you South Africas largest IP Conference!!

Why did my Asterisk PBX get hacked?

A growing problem

Like a slice of Victoria sponge cake on a summers day attracts wasps, so new technologies seem to attract the attention of cyber-criminals. The more widely used the technology, the greater the interest. It was inevitable, and widely predicted, that VoIP would become a favorite target for hackers as its popularity and uptake increased – it has the accessibility of an email server combined with the potential for fraud of an online bank account. Irresistible!



CEOs’ Blog

Calls for Video Calling

Just a few days ago a colleague mentioned to me he’s
noticed an increase of newer model IP Phones being connected
to the O-Tel Network. When I queried the relevance, he pointed
out that these phones are geared up for Video Calling.
I sighed and increased the priority level of
‘Video Calling Project’ on my Diary’s Task List.


" I don’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts to make my good idea a success"

So what cloud computing does for start ups is one thing; it allows anyone with a credit card in their basement to compete with Google or Microsoft or IBM because now I don’t need to create the world’s largest infrastructure in the world, I can use someone else’s who is probably better at it and has already done it for me. And all I need is a good idea. So the problem, again, is coming up with a good idea but the big opportunity is the fact that I don’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of making my good idea a success. Whether that’s FarmVille or something else, Twitter, I can use someone else’s infrastructure… and do what I’m good at, whatever that happens to be. So again, the opportunity, I think, is to find those particular niche areas and make a buck in cloud computing using cloud computing infrastructure.

~Silicon Valley’s renowned Cloud Expert, Dave Nielsen, at CloudCamp 2011, Mountain View , CA

O-Tel Drives the ‘Gravy Train’ of IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-Service has been O-Tels strategy since inception. Whilst IaaS is moving faster only now with a few new players entering the market, O-Tel is way ahead of the competition.


Protect your Asterisk Server

The level of risk has certainly intensified in the last year or possibly even the last few months and there is little doubt that the unwary will get caught and will end up paying for someone else’s phone calls to weird and unlikely destinations like North Korea or Ethiopia. Once an unsecured PBX has been found, it is likely to be hit with hundreds of expensive calls and very large bills can be run up in a matter of hours. This is not a problem to be taken lightly – it could even sink a small business.



Telkom is releasing their new call rates for August. Their line rental is expected to increase with a small decrease in the call rates.  To coincide with this, O-Tel has released a new range of attractive Wholesale SIP Trunk Packages. The old packages will remain. See the new range of packages here:

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