Newsletter- [26 June 2020]

27 June 2020

Quarter 2011

Well, we’ve reached half year of 2011. Already one year has past since South Africa hosted the World Cup. July will also mark the anniversary of the LiTE switch. During its time, O-Tel LiTE has received hundreds of new connections, and continues to grow at a considerably fast rate.
Achievements in 2nd Quarter
The 2nd Quarter has ended with notable achievements.

  • The Rheid Communication acquisition seems so long ago. We’re in the lookout for other acquisition opportunities as planned in our strategy for 2011.
  • The long awaited Fax over IP service is finally released. O-Tel’s email to fax facility is surely a first in SA.
  • Further geographic codes were added to the portfolio, with 033, 034, 035, 036, and 039 now available.
  • With the spate of VoIP attacks worldwide, we’ve increased the security settings of our network.
  • Negotiations for a reduced rate of the Leased Lines were concluded. We’re now ready to deploy this much needed service.
  • Presence at JINX was increased, with peering to most of the major networks now a reality. We’re prioritising the growth of the IaaS at JINX for the rest of the year.

Second Quarter also seen the 1Cloud Hosted PBX service equal SIP Trunkings sales figures. An amazing feat within a short 6 months. Telephone 2.0 seems to be taking on well.

Cloud computing is ‘global warming caused by overheating computers’
A statistics collection company spent time collaring commuters outside London’s busiest train stations to find out what they know about cloud computing.  When asked what they thought cloud computing was, the 1000 respondents gave this fine selection of answers:

25% said it was ‘a data centre in the sky’
20% thought it was ‘something Microsoft advertised’
10% believed it was ‘global warming caused by overheating computers’
10% thought it was a ‘trendy club in Soho’

Only 35% thought it was a new way to access IT services over the internet.

3rd Quarter sees the revamp of the SIP Trunking Packages to meet the demand, Victoria Station Launch imminent, and deployment of Leased Lines. Much more happening in third quarter, with the IP-Convergence Conference taking the limelight. If you have not registered yet, don’t waste any time, register now!


O-Tel slows down it marketing in the 3rd quarter. We take the opportunity to increase client relations via events, and conferences. Expect a telephone call or email from our team.

This year though, there will be much focus in releasing O-Tels’ new services, such as the Centrex Call Center, Victoria VoIP Station, Leased Lines, Web Basket Hosting, and Video Conference. A few other services are on the cards for release in the last quarter.

Telkom is releasing their new call rates for August. Their line rental is expected to increase with a small decrease in the call rates.  To coincide with this, O-Tel has released a new range of attractive Wholesale SIP Trunk Packages. The old packages will remain. See the new range of packages here:
O-Tel has been negotiating with Telkom for quite some time for a competitive Private Synchronous  MPLS network. We finally have concluded a unique Leased Line deal. We can now offer Synchronous Leased Lines at nearly half the price that of Diginet. With it, we have access to Seacom and SAT-3 internet. This is ideal for WISPs who want to backhaul their VoIP and Internet without using ADSL.
It is not released as yet, but you can see more information here:

With the spate of VoIP attacks worldwide, we’ve increased the security settings of our network. Please ensure that you have secure passwords.

We also advise that you follow some general security practices in order to minimize fraud on your account:

  • Ensure your password for your O-Tel SIP Trunk account is very secure.
  • Restrict web access to your PBX/VoIP system.
  • Protect your PBX/VoIP system with software-based firewalls such as IPTables.
  • Protect your network with a hardware-based firewall.
  • Use strong passwords for all phone extensions on your PBX.
  • Use non-standard ports for system services.
  • Implement a VPN for your PBX/VoIP system or join the O-Tel National MPLS ADSL Network.
  • Review access logs on a regular basis.
  • Keep up to date on security patches and practices for your network services.

VoIP fraud patterns are constantly evolving today and we are doing our part to develop increasingly sophisticated detection and prevention measures. The best line of defense is always the security of your own systems.

Our contact details
Office: 08000 6000 2

E-mail: [email protected]

Physical Address: O-Tel Building, 9 Wiek Str, Boksburg

Postal Address: P.O. Box 25899, East Rand, 1462

You are welcome to visit our website for more information on O-Tel.

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