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PRESS Release 04-05-09

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4 May 2020

O-Tel simplifies broadband and telephony with the all-in-one OBOX

O-Tel, a new competitor in South Africa’s telecom landscape, has unveiled the OBOX, an all-in-one device that gives businesses DSL and 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Ethernet switching, and basic PBX functions in a single box.

The device was designed for the South African market from the ground up, giving end-users a solution that allows them to enjoy reliable and affordable broadband and telephony services through one device and one point of contact.

The functionality that the OBOX offers is as follows:

*DSL routing: The OBOX includes a full-featured ADSL modem that allows companies to enjoy reliable ADSL connectivity at all times.

*3G modem: The device includes an integrated 3G modem, which can be used as a back-up in the event that the ADSL service goes down or which can be used as the primary connectivity option where no ADSL service is available. If the ADSL line goes down, OBOX will automatically switch over to the 3G connection.

*Wi-Fi transmitter and network LAN switching: The OBOX can connect notebooks and PCs to the Internet across Ethernet cables or a Wi-Fi wireless connection. Up to four computers or digital Internet protocol phones can be connected to OBOX through its four network ports.

*Digital PBX: The OBOX serves as a basic digital PBX, saving smaller companies massive amounts of money on investing in dedicated PBX hardware.
It is also compatible with older analogue technology. The OBOX includes a single FXO port to cater for an incoming PSTN line and also provides two analogue extension ports so that the client can connect two analogue telephones to the device.

*VoIP connectivity: The client company can keep its existing Telkom number, but will also gain a new OTEL 087 for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls. By using O-Tel’s VOIP network for outbound calls as much as possible, clients can achieve significant cost-savings.

*Mobility: The OBOX is small enough to go anywhere the user does. Users that move office or home, or travel on business, can simply plug the OBOX in and make and receive calls as though they had never left the place where they first used the device.

“The OBOX is a simple solution that allows small businesses to save money on their phone bills while improving the reliability of their telephony and Internet services,” said Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel. “Even if the Telkom line goes down, clients are still connected to the world through 3G and the OTEL digital network for voice and Internet services.”

The OBOX can be purchased with or without a 3G connection from as little as
R2999 or R175 per month on a lease.


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