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PRESS Release 05-05-09

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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

O-Tel helps resellers capitalise on burgeoning telecom market

O-Tel, a new entrant into South Africa’s telecommunications market, has embarked on a drive to recruit dealers and agents to resell its broadband and voice offerings.

Resellers that sign up with O-Tel will be well positioned capitalise on the new opportunities created by sweeping regulatory and legislative changes that have opened the telecom market up to more competition, said Mohammad Patel, CEO of O-Tel.

“Now that the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) is in full effect and ICASA has finally issued its individual Electronic Communication Network Services (i-ECNS) licences to service providers, players such as O-Tel are able to telecom users real choice and competition for the first time,” said Patel. “We are committed to working with resellers to give businesses an affordable yet robust alternative to the incumbent telcos. Our goal is help resellers grow strong and sustainable telecom businesses in partnership with


O-Tel takes a channel-centric approach to the market, preferring to allow its channel partners to own the customer relationship while the company focuses on developing its telecom services and infrastructure, and backing them up with great customer service.

Resellers are able to buy airtime from O-Tel at low prices and resell it at a price of their choosing, enabling them to make good margins and achieve profits quickly. This simple business model means that the profits resellers

make are transparent - no need for complex mathematical calculations as in some commission structures - and that revenue keeps flowing at all times.

The service provider treats its resellers as an extension of its business, giving them the services and support they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive telecom market. Said Patel: “This is an exciting opportunity for companies that offer IP-based networking services to add IP-based telecom services to their product portfolios while PBX installers can expand the choice of voice and broadband services they sell. By becoming

an O-Tel agent, they will be able to benefit from an ongoing revenue stream and build closer relationships with their clients.”

O-Tel sees excellent opportunities in the business market for its resellers and agents because many small companies are looking to adopt broadband and voice-over-IP services for the first time, Patel added. “Our channel partners are experiencing strong growth as these new customers sign up for their services, or migrate from incumbent service providers to O-Tel,” he said. “In the midst of an economic downturn, the telecom industry is one of the few sectors in South Africa still producing good growth.”

O-Tel resellers are able to offer customers, especially SMEs, complete telecom solutions that allow them to become more productive and cut down their telecom costs.

The O-Tel solution addresses the shortcomings of other low-cost telecom solutions. The company can provide anyone within Telkom ADSL or Vodacom 3G coverage with a telephone line for R99 (excl. VAT) per month with no contract necessary. It bills customers on a post-paid basis. There are no minimum connection charges, no hidden costs and call-per-second billing from

second one.

The company offers business and residential subscribers tariffs as affordable as 49 cents (excl. VAT) per minute for local calls to Telkom numbers, true per second billing from the first second (international calls are billed per minute), a 24-hour turnaround time, both telephone and Internet connections and nationwide coverage.

O-Tel supplies subscribers with proprietary wireless routers called O-Boxes.Subscribers are then able to purchase their own choice of standard telephone handset to plug into the O-Tel hardware and then make highly affordable voice calls to any telephone in the world with the added advantage of optional Internet access.

“By bringing your customers onto the O-Tel service, you are securing them as

customers for life because of the great benefits O-Tel offers,” said Patel. 
“Your client remains your client, but gets the backing of a great service provided by the Licensed National Telecoms Operator of Choice.”

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