Private Label Service

Jun 6, 2020

O-Tel offers you the ability to start offering your own telecommunications services using VoIP, fast and easy… We do what other providers won’t and have the quality, experience and support to back it up. We offer everything you need including plans, devices and support.

Top 10 Reasons to use O-Tel’s Private Label Service
10. We help you to Re-brand our service to hide our identity and cooperation.
9. You can advertise Free Internet Phone Calls (IP to IP calling).
8. You can sell in local South African Rands and not convert from the volatile US Dollar Rate.
7. You can get started fast with no long-term commitment or big investment.
6. We let you change the names of our plans and products.
5. We offer you an option to fully automate the business with our Automated Billing System.
4. Reseller orders are provisioned in real-time around the clock.
3. We give you access to purchase VOIP Hardware at group discounted prices.
2. All system generated emails come from your domain and users can login to administer their account from your web site.
1. We give you the opportunity to make residual revenue without investing in expensive infrastructure or systems.

How do we move forward and join the O-Tel Team?
If you haven’t already, go to our Services Order Cart and select your package of choice.

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