Escalation Matrix

We, at OTEL Telecoms value our customers and their needs. At
times there are some incidents which need immediate attention. For those
incidents we have established our own in-house support centre which caters to
all our clients the urgent needs of our customers / partners  by providing timely and accurate support.

Teams defined:

Client Liaison

Client Liaison is the primary source of communication
between the client and the support team. Although clients communicate directly
with the support team, Client Liaison ensure that ticket are assigned,
responded promptly and escalated when needed.

1. First Line

Every incident which is reported comes to this team, and
they create a prioritized ticket for the customer (if not already created).
Priority is based on certain parameters which are predefined and have been
decided after taking various parameters into consideration.

First line support ticket is opened from the client area (
) or an email sent to [email protected]

Tickets received from registered client email addresses
(register it from your client area) will be attended to with a higher priority.

The maximum time-frame for them to work on the reported
issue is 8 working hours.

2. Second Line

These are more experienced and technically efficient
engineers than the First Line team. If First Line Support team is not able to
solve the reported incident, it is then escalated to this team.

Higher priority tickets gets escalated to this team

The maximum time-frame for them to work on the reported
issue is 2 - 24 Working Hours.

3. Third Line

These engineers are the most experienced engineers in the
team, and can easily diagnose complex problems. If Second Line team is not able
to solve a reported incident, it gets escalated to Third Line.

This team also maintains the CORE network.

Critical tickets gets responded by this team.

The maximum time-frame for them to work on the reported
issue is 2 - 24 Working hours.

4. Network /
Upstream Providers / Vendors

This team of developers, quality assurance officers and
network engineers have designed the systems or network.

If a Third Line is not able to resolve a problem it is
escalated to this team. They recreate the issue and find either a solution or a

There is no time-frame to resolve the issue. They will
prioritize the issue until it is resolved.

5. Third Party Device

OTEL Telecoms mandate ends at providing the service once our
network shows successful connection and termination. OTEL is not liable for
misconfiguration of any 3rd party device, bad last mile connection or any other

Should a request be placed for 3rd party device support, our
team is available at a fee.

(Download Third Party Liability Disclaimer Form)

Escalation Guidelines

We follow an approach where all the Tickets are handled in
the most proficient manner

1. As soon as an incident is reported a referenced ticket is
generated and the customer / partner are informed about the ticket number.

2. As per the incident reported, a Priority is assigned to
each and every incident.

3.  The first response
to the customer / partner support, is sent within 2 working hours for

      First Line
support and 2-24 working hours for Second Line support.

4. By default every Ticket is first handled by First Line

5. If First Line Team is not able to resolve the incident in
1 business day, the very

next day ticket is escalated to Second Line Support.

6. Incase it’s a Priority 2 or higher, it is directly
escalated to Second Line Support

7. If Second Line Support is not able to resolve the
incident in 2 business days, the ticket
is escalated to Third Line Support.

8. Incase a First Line Support engineer feels it’s a complex
issue; the same is escalated  to Second
Line Support on the same very day.

9. If Second Line Support is not able to resolve the
incident in 2 business days, the ticket is escalated to the Third Line support.

10. The Third Line Team works on the issue and either gives
a workaround, or provides a solution to the customer within working 24 hours
after it has been escalated.

11. Critical instances or Third line escalation to Network
Engineers and provide a solution.

12. Every Ticket is updated on a daily basis.

13. Support hours :

Contact Details

During Office Hours (8:30 - 17:00)

First Line Support

(010) 786-0100

Second Line Support

(010) 786-0101

Third Line

(010) 786-0102

After Hours -For emergencies only (5pm until 8:30 am)

Emergency Number

0871 600 911

Emergency Scenarios

- Total network failure whereby all customers cannot call in and out.

- If your client is an organisation where a life is at risk.
(Security, hospitals, clinics).

- Server is down.

- WISPs NGN backhaul.

Not an Emergency:

- Only one client cannot call in or/and out but the rest

- Cannot log into billing to make payment.

- Enterprise NGN is down.

- Incorrect recharge code. (client must temporarily recharge
smaller amount)

Live Chat

OTEL’s website has a LIVE CHAT feature.

This chat can be used for technical support, sales, or any
other enquiries.

It is free to use for as long as the service is online.