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Reseller Sign Up

Posted on Jun 05 in Sign Up!by Press OfficerPrint

Become a O-Tel Reseller, the Opportunity
Today more and more companies, organizations, and individuals are looking for ways to lower their telecommunications costs and VoIP is in great demand. You can satisfy this demand by becoming an Authorized O-Tel Reseller.

As a O-Tel Reseller, you have the opportunity to provide world class VoIP services along with all of the other products you currently offer. You can do what you do best while gaining the ability to provide a total, turnkey solution to your customers. Our Resellers have the ability to integrate with their current services, and resell them to customers anywhere in the world. Our Private Label Service Customers are able to mark-up our prices, sell in their brand name.

Why should you join O-Tel?

Save Money, Time and Hassles
Outsourcing VoIP with O-Tel is a great value. We provide what others won’t without large investment and long term commitments. It is estimated that developing your own fully redundant SIP service costs millions to build and much more to maintain, staff and support. That is before marketing expenses and new head count. O-Tel has a multi-million Rand technical infrastructure already in place: multiple and redundant Fibre connections, dozens of powerful servers, Cisco switches and routers, backup power generators and much more. This level of technology would be prohibitively expensive for you to create on your own and only a small handful of other VoIP providers around the world can offer it.

Save Resources
O-Tel can help you free up your resources to do other things in your business. Keeping up with ever changing technology requires an enormous amount of time and human resources. We have highly trained, knowledgeable support staff in place to operate the systems, provide technical support, and manage the entire operation 24 hours a day, every day. Duplicating our commitment to VoIP is a tall order for most organizations.

Save Time
VoIP with O-Tel is fast and easy. O-Tel specializes in resellers, which means that we can get you and running as fast as possible. Our network infrastructure is already in place, our systems are already up and running, and our automated, on-line ordering process gets accounts set up quickly and efficiently around the clock.

How do we move forward and join the O-Tel Team?
If you haven’t already, go to our Services Order Cart and select your package of choice.

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