1Cloud Hosted PBX


There are many VoIP services out there, but not all should be put into one basket. VoIP has become a very large industry with many different technological differences. You should choose the service most appropriate for your use.

Over the past few years we have had a number of queries for a locally based commercial grade VoIP service which is automated and easy to use. This project was started 2 years ago and is today the first fully automated service in South Africa.
-Our G.729 Codec caters for the poor local broadband connectivity.
-There is a larger variety of hardware for G729.
-Our server latency in Johannesburg is <10ms and nationally <50ms. This is a very big plus for echo and lag in speech.
-Less latency and routes results in Commercial grade crystal clear voice quality.
-The service is a commercial PBX structure, not a heavily shared and congested set of switches which puts your business telecommunications at risk. A true replacement for your dinosaur analog PBX.

-The DiD (local number) can accommodate in and out. Local codes such as 012, 031, 051, 021, 010, etc are offered.
-You can ‘port’ your local Telkom number to our service, this is if you’re satisfied with it after 6 months.
-Your airtime purchases are made local, via internet bank transfer. No credit Card Fraud, and no exchange rate loss. Full Control!
-Value that’s affordable-1Cloud offers incredible value for the price - hands down.
-We offer FREE small PBX facility, allowing you to test drive our service before adding on more services.
-No contract!  No risk! No major capital investment!

The key word today is ‘UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS’. What’s that, you ask? In simple terms, it’s the integration of real-time communication services, such as

  • IP Telephony,
  • Video Conferencing,
  • Presence Information,
  • Call Control
  • Instant Messaging (chat)
  • Speech Recognition

As well as non-real-time communication services, also known as ‘Unified Messaging’such as

  • Voicemail
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Fax

Whilst the list above has been compiled within a group, it is not a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. When you walk into a bank, do you see the clerks updating their ledger books manually? No, they have moved towards the 21st century way of doing business to increase productivity. Your SME and corporate clients need to move away from the conventional method of ‘tin-can’ telephony. To our benefit, most competitors are One Dimensional, thinking only of the present. This is how the mighty in the industry have recentl fallen. O-Tel keeps abreast of technology, hence we’re always leading! Today, clients telephony needs are

  • Simplicity,
  • Flexibility
  • Practicality,
  • Productivity,
  • Low capital investment,
  • Pay only for what you need,
  • Ease of use,
  • Customizable charge plans
  • Mobility
  • Turnkey solution from one provider,
  • No long term contracts
  • Simple Self management
  • Control and setup from anywhere
  • 3rd Party secure hosting
  • Overall saving
  • SIP clients on Cell Phones

O’Tel’s 1Cloud hosted PBX service offers all this plus more!

1Cloud Hosted PBX VoIP service is as simple to understand as the connection between your desktop PC at home and the internet. Your desktop PC at home turns on, and is

immediately connected to the internet. All you had to do was plug a network cable from the back of your PC’s network port into your internet router. Now as long as your internet service is up and running at home, your PC is able to surf, send email, conduct an online video conference, make a Skype call, and anything else you might need to do on the internet.

Similarly, an IP phone is sort of like a mini-computer designed to do just one thing, act as a fully functional business telephone. Like the desktop PC, the IP phone plugs into your internet router using a regular network cable, and once turned on, can make calls, forward calls, hold calls, transfer calls, check voice mail, and perform all the functional tasks you would expect out of a business grade phone. As long as the IP phone has a connection to the internet, it will function perfectly as a business telephone loaded with real time PBX features that go beyond what a traditional analog or digital telephone could even dream of. Thanks to this level of flexibility, an IP phone can be taken anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and function without geographical boundaries. You can literally take your IP phone with you to another country, plug in to your hotel’s network, and conduct business as if sitting right at your desk.

What is Broadband? Broadband is a high speed Internet connection using a DSL or 3G. The connection is always on and offers higher speeds than dialup.

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and lets you use your Internet connection for phone service rather than traditional phone lines.

1) Latest  and State of the Art Digital PBX Facility

1Cloud provides business customers with a leading edge phone system without the associated capital cost. From day one you will have a system that delivers all the current features plus tomorrows as they become available.

2) The latest technology all the time

1Cloud does not become obsolete. A soon as we introduce new features, we roll them out to our customers, so you won’t have to worry about another large capital equipment upgrade a few years down the road.

3) Pay As You Grow

With 1Cloud, there is no penalty to start small and then add “seats” to the system as you grow, as you only pay for the seats you need on a monthly basis.

4) Reduce Trunk Line costs

Renting trunk lines from Telkom is expensive for most organisations that rely on voice for both internal communications and customer interaction. Trunk line rental is a significant part of monthly overhead cost. Reduce this overhead cost by centralizing your digital trunks.

5) Reduce Call Costs

While saving on calls is no longer the primary driver for adopting 1Cloud VoIP, it can be a prime factor for organisations that have multiple offices requiring frequent voice communication, so not having to pay for that communication can reduce a large amount from an organisation’s operational budget.

6) Instant Communication and Collaboration

1Cloud VoIP improves productivity and the ability to collaborate remotely by creating direct links between teleworkers and office-based workers with the click of a mouse - a “workplace without borders.”

7) Seamless Teleworker Connectivity

The 1Cloud system makes it easy to integrate teleworkers into the business telephone system through their own broadband connections. In addition, your customers will be able to reach your teleworkers through your corporate switchboard, regardless of where the worker is physically located.

8 ) Respond More Quickly to Customers

With the 1Cloud system, companies can improve customer communication by providing them with VoIP telephones that allow them to contact your sales and service departments directly, free.

9) Cut Move, Addition and Change Costs

Every time your company moves, adds, or changes a conventional telephone connection, it costs money. With 1Cloud, your network configuration is software programmable and its voice signals are carried over your business LAN so you can administer the changes yourself.

10) Your Number Moves With You

Unlike traditional numbers, you can take your number with you, down the road, to another town, or even another country as the system is not dependent upon your geographic location.

11) Redundancy, never miss a call!

If there is a power cut, or your broadband connections is down,simply forward all the calls from 1Cloud to your mobile phones! You can also leave a message announcing to your clients of the problem,.No calls lost! Now that you know what Unified Communications is about and how to sell it, you will be glad to know that the service is provided at wholesale. You begin with a free monthly service, and upgrade as you require, customizing your strategy and paying for only what you need.

Listing some Features in 1Cloud Hosted PBX

Standard Features: CallerID, call forwarding, call transfer, call pickup, call parking,call privacy, call cascading, call screening,  call monitoring, Do Not Disturb, Follow me, CallNow Web based calling.

    • IVR- This is my favourite service. An advanced IVR setup with ease. Multi branch, unlimited channels, and high quality. Add it as an extension, have your calls answered by the IVR first and test it out!

    • Voicemail Central – This is similar to Vodacom’s 121 voice mail service. The extensions/users call the central service, input their pin, and retrieve their voicemail from their office phone. This is ideal for travelling sales reps and management. A very valuable service indeed!

    • Conference Bridge- What better way to have a multi branch conference whilst being in the car, abroad on waiting at an airport? Simply schedule a conference date and time (just like you’re setting up a meeting), then call into the conference number, and join up to 20 people in a virtual room and discuss! Invite an attendee by calling him within the conference! By far South Africa’s most advanced tele conferencing facility!

    • Callback- Have your staff call the office, input a code (or authenticate by his mobile number), and get him connected to any extension internally or allow him to make an external call! A must for transport companies or companies with many vehicles on the road.

    • Intercom/Paging- Send a message to all or a group of staff and they will receive it at once, all from the comfort of your office, with a simple call!

    • VoiceMail- modern telephony cannot do without VoiceMail. 1Cloud will send your voice mail to your email inbox! Listen to it in WAVE file at your convenience! Save it for future reference too!

    • Call recording- A must in the legal and insurance industries. Have your calls constantly recording, or press a button to start recording the all important conversation. Have the call recording emailed to your inbox or manage it neatly from your panel!

    • Music on Hold- Add your own advertorial Music on Hold files! Inform your clients of the latest news, and promotions whilst they hold on for your staff!

    • IVR Directory - Your client can type in the name of the person they want to speak to and the 1Cloud service will transfer the call to that person’s extension!

  • Call Queuing - Manage your busy incoming virtual switchboard with 1Cloud’s Queuing manager (for call centres). It will inform the client what number he is in the queue and keep him entertained with your pre-recorded messages, music or advertorial.
    • Fax Passthrough - Send and receive faxes to and from a fax machine over your data or wireless connection! The first and only working service in South Africa!

The service is fully White Labelled. Allow your clients to login and control their own portals. Add your logo on the portals and customize the portal to your companies look! Coming soon! Video Calling, fax to email, email to fax, MS Outlook Integration, Live Chat/Messaging, Presence, Business Social Networking integration and all new Unified Communication Technology. ENSURING YOU HAVE THE LATEST AND THE BEST TELEPHONY SYSTEM in South Africa. Stay ahead of your competitors! Sign up NOW!  Hosted PBX has never been better!

There are two ways to connect to 1Cloud Hosted PBX. You may need new hardware or use your current equipment. Either way, you can be connected within a short period of time.
1- This method is recommended for companies who are upgrading from an old Analog PBX, or use many ‘PBX compliant’ cordless phones. The Gateway will convert the analog devices into Digital Voice. Can be done DIY.
2- This is the most popular method. A large brandband connection is needed with QoS setting (ask your IT Systems Admin to setup). The computers and the IP phones are linked on the same network, saving costs. Professional installation is highly recommended.
*Dedicated broadband connectivity is strongly suggested. *O-Tel offers ADSL IPC Bandwidth connectivity at R29/pm. (Dedicated Telkom ADSL line required.)
NOTICE: Due to unprecedented growth in our Channel Partner Program, O-Tel Telecoms can no longer accept new subscribtions for Retail, SME, and Corporate Clientele. We can refer your query to our Nationwide Partner network, whom are very capable of assisting in your VoIP Project. Please click here to submit your query and a partner in your area will contact you soon.




Basics Wholesale Packages
Limits Partner 15 Partner 40 Partner 100
Client Accounts 3 10 25
IVR Facility 3 10 25
Phone Extensions 15 40 100
DiD (telephone number) 3 10 25
Voicemail 2 E-mail (2MB/box) 5 20 60
Public concurrent calls 10 25 80
Internal concurrent calls 10 25 80
Added Facilities
Conference extensions 1 2
Intercom/paging extensions 1 2
Voicemail center extension
Callback extensions (5 cIDs) 1 2
Callback callerIDs (10 cIDs)
Disk Space
Voicemail 10MB 20MB 40MB
Call recording 50MB 150MB
Sound files (IVR) (per 10MB)
Music on hold files (per 10MB)
Received faxes 1MB 3MB
ADSL Accounts
O-Tel MPLS VoIP Only (your ADSL Line) 1 1 1
Sign Up
All prices exclude VAT
Wholesale package requires a minimum of 3 new clients monthly