Listing some Features in 1Cloud Hosted PBX

Standard Features: CallerID, call forwarding, call transfer, call pickup, call parking,call privacy, call cascading, call screening,  call monitoring, Do Not Disturb, Follow me, CallNow Web based calling.

    • IVR- This is my favourite service. An advanced IVR setup with ease. Multi branch, unlimited channels, and high quality. Add it as an extension, have your calls answered by the IVR first and test it out!

    • Voicemail Central – This is similar to Vodacom’s 121 voice mail service. The extensions/users call the central service, input their pin, and retrieve their voicemail from their office phone. This is ideal for travelling sales reps and management. A very valuable service indeed!

    • Conference Bridge- What better way to have a multi branch conference whilst being in the car, abroad on waiting at an airport? Simply schedule a conference date and time (just like you’re setting up a meeting), then call into the conference number, and join up to 20 people in a virtual room and discuss! Invite an attendee by calling him within the conference! By far South Africa’s most advanced tele conferencing facility!

    • Callback- Have your staff call the office, input a code (or authenticate by his mobile number), and get him connected to any extension internally or allow him to make an external call! A must for transport companies or companies with many vehicles on the road.

    • Intercom/Paging- Send a message to all or a group of staff and they will receive it at once, all from the comfort of your office, with a simple call!

    • VoiceMail- modern telephony cannot do without VoiceMail. 1Cloud will send your voice mail to your email inbox! Listen to it in WAVE file at your convenience! Save it for future reference too!

    • Call recording- A must in the legal and insurance industries. Have your calls constantly recording, or press a button to start recording the all important conversation. Have the call recording emailed to your inbox or manage it neatly from your panel!

    • Music on Hold- Add your own advertorial Music on Hold files! Inform your clients of the latest news, and promotions whilst they hold on for your staff!

    • IVR Directory - Your client can type in the name of the person they want to speak to and the 1Cloud service will transfer the call to that person’s extension!

  • Call Queuing - Manage your busy incoming virtual switchboard with 1Cloud’s Queuing manager (for call centres). It will inform the client what number he is in the queue and keep him entertained with your pre-recorded messages, music or advertorial.
    • Fax Passthrough - Send and receive faxes to and from a fax machine over your data or wireless connection! The first and only working service in South Africa!

The service is fully White Labelled. Allow your clients to login and control their own portals. Add your logo on the portals and customize the portal to your companies look!

Coming soon! Video Calling, fax to email, email to fax, MS Outlook Integration, Live Chat/Messaging, Presence, Business Social Networking integration and all new Unified Communication Technology. ENSURING YOU HAVE THE LATEST AND THE BEST TELEPHONY SYSTEM in South Africa.

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