Fax over IP

Fax over IP
FoIP ServiceThe O-Tel FoIP service is available ONLY to 1Cloud Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking customers.

The Fax over IP product has been divided into 4 types of services:


1- Fax to E-mail = This service is used when a sender uses his fax machine and sends a fax to your O-Tel SIP Extension telephone number.

2- E-mail to Fax = No need for a Fax machine anymore. Simply email your PDF, TIFF or JPG document to the Fax number and your fax wil reach its destination with a confirmation!

3- Web to Fax = For 1Cloud Hosted PBX clients who use their O-Tel VoIP Portal
regularly (to check voicemail, call recordings etc), you can now send a fax from your web browser! Attach the file, enter the number and a fax can be sent within seconds. The Paperless Office dream being realized!

4- Fax to Fax = For users of Conventional fax machines, send and receive fax with O-Tels FoIP service.


Fax to E-mail
Read the procedure to setup your fax to email service fax-to-email
E-mail to Fax
Read the procedure to send email-to-fax
Web to Fax
Read the procedure to send submit-a-fax via VoIP portal
Fax to Fax
Read the procedure to send a fax from a fax machine
Pricing Wholesale Retail
Sending R0.80 per minute R1.00 per minute
Receiving R10 per 1MB/ R50 per 5MB R20 per 1MB/ R100 per 5MB