Leased Line

O-Tels Leased Line network provides stable and dedicated access to VoIP and Internet.
The service is an entry to Triple Play and Unified Communications services which are being deployed by O-Tel.
The Leased Line is an ‘Ethernet’ like connection which runs over an established and reliable copper network.
The Telkom powered network is currently being upgraded to Fibre, alongside the MSANS deployment process.


Next Generation Network is a stable service which provide VoIP over Copper lines, and where available, fibre lines. Cost of NGN for VoIP is R50 (ex vat) per concurrent call, with a minimum of 8 concurrencies.

  • Installation = R2995 once off setup fee
  • Upgrade = R1500 setup fee
  • Synchronous
  • Fixed Private IP
  • QoS on VoIP, DATA Throttled
  • Subject to 24 months contract
  • All prices exclude VAT
  • Channels based on G.729 Codec at 16kbps
  • 20% buffer should be considered
  • VoIP Channels means concurrency
  • To view concurrency, click on ‘call flows’ under ‘reports’
  • No SIP services included, only backhaul





Standard Fibre

Standard Fibre Packages

The service is based on the following:

Uncapped Internet Access.

Managed CPE Device.

Scalability, reliability and efficiency.

1:4 Sharing of line

No QoS on VoIP, but good stability

Based on 12 months contract


The following O-Tel Fibre services are available (prices ex VAT):

Last Mile Peak Download & Upload Speeds Monthly Cost Once Off Installation Cost Refundable Deposit
Fibre to building 1Mbps R 1 995 R 1 750 One month’s rental
Fibre to building 2Mbps R 3 499 R 1 750
Fibre to building 5Mbps R 5 799 R 1 750
Fibre to building 10Mbps R 8 999 R 1 999
Fibre to building 15Mbps R 12 299 R 1 999

Premium Fibre

Premium Fibre Packages Premium Fiber includes SLA

1:4 and 1:1 includes internet breakout

Prices exclude VAT

5 Year contract required

More coverage than Standard Fibre Packages

Pipe VoIP Only 1:4 Contention 1:1 Contention
1 Mbit R 13 000.00 R 14 000.00 R 17 000.00
2Mbit R 14 000.00 R 15 000.00 R 25 000.00
4Mbit R 16 000.00 R 18 000.00 R 40 000.00
6Mbit R 19 000.00 R 21 000.00 R 50 000.00
8Mbit R 22 000.00 R 25 000.00 R 60 000.00


The service is based on the following:Uncapped Internet Access.Managed CPE Device.Scalability, reliability and efficiency.1/4 Sharing of lineNo QoS on VoIP, but good stabilityThe following O-Tel WiMAX services are available (prices ex VAT):
Peak Download Speed Peak Upload Speed Once Off Setup Fee Cost
1Mbps 768Kbps R1950 R1299
2Mbps 1.6Mbps R1699
5Mbps 2Mbps R2 299
8Mbps 3Mbps R4499


Gauteng VoIP Backhaul is maintained by

Below pricing is indicative pricing.

You will need to backhaul your VoIP data to Dawnview Tower in Edenvale, or by arrangement, to the nearest EasyWeb tower to you.

Applications must be made directly with EasyWeb. They may be contacted on: 010-001-5200. Carol Lynch or Lionel Whitecross.

VOIP Connections Uncapped – Voip only

 Will transport VOIP Traffic ONLY.
Concurrent Calls Pipe Size

Price pm

1 32kbs


2 64 kbs


4 128kbs


8 256 kbs


16 512 kbs


32 1 Mbs



O-Tel offers access to it secure network via a dedicated ADSL Username and Password. This service is complimentary to all partners. If you need one, please open a support ticket to Sales for your ADSL login details.

Access to your SIP account via public internet is NOT RECOMMENDED, as it opens the account to security risks such as hacking and vishing.