Up and running in minutes!
We are a licensed carrier-grade wholesale VoIP provider offering high-quality SIP trunking and DIDs (phone numbers) at the most competitive rates. Our service is very flexible and scales down from the VoIP hobbyist, up to the largest call centers.

When you sign up for account with us, you receive immediate access to the best management panel on the market to get your calls live within minutes.

You will have the ability to purchase DiDs (numbers), manage trunks, view call records in real time, review statistics, and more.

How does O-Tel’s Billing work?
We run a prepaid service where you must keep a positive account balance to avoid service interruption. You can purchase services and airtime 24/7/365 via secure EFT while logged into your O-Tel Client Area.

Outbound Traffic
We have designed our plans around a no nonsense policy that we hold near and dear. There’s no contract. We have thoroughly gone through or system to ensure that our plans will give you the ultimate flexibility and the best price.

What protocols do you support?
At the moment we only support SIP.


Our state of the art system allows you to purchase and manage your DIDs. You have the ability to purchase single DIDs as well as DID blocks. The VoIp Control panel you to manage and customize thousands of DIDs with ease.

Does O-Tel have any tools to prevent against fraud?
Yes, we allow our customers to set a maximum outbound limit for calls.

We also advise that you follow some general security practices in order to minimize fraud on your account:

  • Ensure your password for your O-Tel SIP Trunk account is very secure.
  • Restrict web access to your PBX/VoIP system.
  • Protect your PBX/VoIP system with software-based firewalls such as IPTables.
  • Protect your network with a hardware-based firewall.
  • Use strong passwords for all phone extensions on your PBX.
  • Use non-standard ports for system services.
  • Implement a VPN for your PBX/VoIP system or join the O-Tel National MPLS ADSL Network.
  • Review access logs on a regular basis.
  • Keep up to date on security patches and practices for your network services.

VoIP fraud patterns are constantly evolving today and we are doing our part to develop increasingly sophisticated detection and prevention measures. The best line of defense is always the security of your own systems.

What areas/provinces can I purchase DiDs in?
O-Tel has National DiDs thanks to its nationwide  service deployment. O-Tel’s current offering included the major cities codes, such as 010, 012, 021, 031, 041 and 051. Other number codes include 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 022, 023, 027, 028, 032, 033, 034, 035, 036, 039, 043, 044, 045, 047, 053, 054, 056, 057, and 058.

Can I Port number to O-Tel?
Yes, we allow ports. Port orders into O-Tel are R179 for single-number orders. Port orders with up to 100+ contiguous numbers are R79 per number plus R699 admin fee. You will find the online Porting Application here: http://www.otelafrica.com/links/number-porting-form

Does O-Tel pass Caller-ID?
We pass Caller-ID, but do not guarantee successful transmission. We are able to transmit Caller-ID to all parts of South Africa as well as to some international destinations.

How do I set the Caller-ID I wish to transmit?
We transmit Caller-ID based on the presence of one of the following header fields in order of preference: “P-Asserted-Identity”, “Remote-Party-ID” or “From:”.

Can I call Telkom 0800, 0860, 0861, 102x and 10111 numbers using your service?
Yes, we can terminate calls to these numbers via cross connect.

Do you sell or give out personal information of our customers?
No, we take our customers’ privacy very seriously and do not release customer information unless we are legally required to do so. We abide by DoJ’s requirements, and RICA.

Can I view usage and check my remaining balance?
You can view in-progress calls, call records, and remaining balance in realtime once you’ve logged into your account. An email will also be sent to you once it reaches the warning limit your have set.

Does O-Tel offer postpaid service?
No, at this time our services are all strictly prepaid.

What dialing format should I use when sending calls?
For ease of use, we have kept the dialing codes as standard local, that is [area code][number]  (011-xxx-xxxx ). For international dialing, add 00, then the country code. EG: To London,UK  00-44-208-xxx-xxxx

How many concurrent calls can you support?
Our state of the art carrier-grade platform can handle bursts of thousands of calls per second. We separate the signaling streams and send your media directly to our gateways throughout our national network so that you experience the lowest audio latency possible.


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