Voice Infrastructure

Brochure (V2.0)
Terrestrial Virtual Network Operator (TVNO) allows a provider to fully offer all VoIP related services to the consumer, have its own agents, and automate the airtime recharge. Contact our sales team for more information: [email protected]


What you can expect from the new TVNO 2.0 station

  • Decentralised Class 5 VoIP Switches for hosted PBX and Trunking
  • Segregated inbound switching via OTEL Hammersmith
  • Multiple points of entry for failover Broadband
  • International Broadband Gateway to Telehouse London
  • NGN Fibre Node for Fibre and Copper deployments
  • Territorial SIP Switching via OTEL Victoria
  • 3 separate redundant networks Bridged over multiple South African Operators
  • NAP Africa Peering for Interconnection with major providers, bringing you lower call rates.
  • Less hops to interconnect, higher quality, less connection time, less chance of failure
  • Immediate deployment of Call center seats
  • Direct cross connect to OTEL’s first tier network

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For retail inquiries, we will direct you to a Channel Partner in your area. If your company has an in-house IT/Telecom Technical Division, we will be able to assist directly.